表示开始:first of all, in the first place, at the very beginning, to begin with, currently, at present, for one thing等。

  表示承接:besides, further more, in addition, moreover, what’s more, meanwhile, apart from, as well as, similarly, in the same way等。

  表示转折:however, whereas, while, on the contrary, in contrast, on the other hand等。

  表示结论:in conclusion, in brief, in short, to sum up, ultimately, overall等。


  表示原因:because (of ), accordingly, due to, owing to, for this reason, since, as a result, as a consequence等。

  表达观点:in my opinion, personally, from my viewpoint, it seems to me, it is clear to me that, as far as I am concerned

  举例说明:for example, for instance, as follows, such as, that is to say, namely, just as, in particular等。

  表示让步:although, in spite of, despite of, despite the fact that, regardless of等。