1. All these inventions helped revolutionize the U.S. economy in the early nineteenth century EXCEPT:

  A. the cotton gin

  B. the locomotive

  C. the incandescent lightbulb

  D. the steamboat

  E. the spinning jenny

  2. Which of the following social classes did NOT make up a significant part of Southern society?

  A. Wealthy planters

  B. Immigrants

  C. Slaves

  D. Small farmers

  E. Poor whites

  3. Which of the following was the primary reason for the wave of Irish immigration in the 1840s?

  A. Desire to buy land

  B. Desire for economic opportunity

  C. Widespread starvation in the wake of the potato famine

  D. Religious oppression

  E. Political oppression from Great Britain

  4. Why did the Northern delegates allow the removal from the Declaration of Independence a passage referring to the slave trade as a "cruel war against human nature"?

  A. They supported the slave trade.

  B. They were slave owners from large plantations.

  C. They did not like the implication that they were slaves of the king of Great Britain.

  D. They thought the Southerners would not vote for independence if that passage was not removed.

  E. They did not believe that this was the right time to free the slaves.

  5. General Howe was determined to capture the city of Philadelphia primarily because

  A. it was the capital city and such a capture would be prestigious

  B. it was an important Atlantic seaport city

  C. it had been the scene of most of the fierce resistance to the Acts of Parliament before the war began

  D. it was the home of Benjamin Franklin

  E. it was a Loyalist city and would welcome the arrival of the British