Part Ⅰ:Introduction 引言

  Lesson 1:The importance of good writing skills 良好写作技能的重要性

  Writing:a tool for success

  Why students are not being prepared for college writing

  Beware the pitfalls of academic-speak

  Beware the salespeople

  The real secret to acing the SAT essay

  Lesson 2:The SAT Writing SAT写作简介

  What does the SAT Writing test

  Whats on the SAT Writing

  What is the experimental section

  What will I be asked to write about on the essay

  How is the essay scored

  How will colleges use the SAT Writing score

  Isnt it true that Ernest Hemingway would have failed the SAT essay

  Dont the essay graders give scores based primarily on length and number of paragraphs

  Will colleges see my SAT essay

  How is the overall Writing score determined

  Are some SATs easier than others

  If I take the SAT, will I also have to take the SAT I1:Writing

  Part Ⅱ:The Essay 短文写作

  Lesson 3:Lay the groundwork基础性的准备

  1.Know what the readers are looking for

  2.Read good persuasive prose

  3.Learn to read like a writer

  4.Be specific

  5.Prepare with Source Summaries


  7.Know the instructions

  8.Overcome perfectionism

  Lesson 4:Analyze the writing task分析SAT写作任务

  1.Give yourself time to think

  2.Read the assignment carefully

  3.Define your terms to show your point of view

  4.Stay focused on the question

  Lesson 5:Gather your ideas 整理想法、观点

  1.Brainstorm examples before picking a thesis

  2.Keep your mind open

  3.Choose specific examples

  4.Choose interesting examples

  5.Choose manageable examples

  Lesson 6:Organize your essay 组织短文

  1.Craft your thesis 29

  2.Write a manageable outline

  3.Connect your ideas logically

  4.Play devils advocate

  Lesson 7:Write the essay 短文写作

  1.Use natural language

  2.Use strong verbs

  3.Write with personality and intelligence

  4.Use personal and concrete nouns

  5.Minimize jargon and slang

  6.Eliminate wordiness

  7.Minimize prepositional phrases

  8.Eliminate redundancy

  9.Dont state the obvious

  10.Eliminate cliches

  11.Connect your thoughts logically

  12.Vary your sentence structure and length wisely

  13.Eliminate sentences to nowhere

  14.Choose your words carefully

  15.Explain but dont overexplain

  16.Leave your reader thinking

  17.Dont tell us what youre doing-just do it

  Answer Key

  Lesson 8:Practice your essay writing skills SAT模拟写作练习

  1.Practice essays

  2.Sample graded essays

  Part Ⅲ:The Multiple-Choice Questions 多项选择题

  Lesson 9:Improving sentences 句子改进题

  1.How to attack Improving Sentences questions

  2.Be careful

  3.All else being equal, shorter is better

  4.Check for danglers

  5.Watch out for extra problems

  Answer Key


  Part Ⅳ:The Fundamental Rules of Grammar for Writing and Editing写作和修改需要的基本语法规则

  Part Ⅴ:Three Practice Tests全真模拟试题