101. In my opinion=from my perspective

  102. Very much=a great deal

  103. For example=to give a demonstration

  104. However=as a matter of fact, it is the other way around

  105. Agree with=uphold (support and maintain v.维持,主张)

  106. be full of=be saturated with (be filled with sth completely)

  107. By=via

  108. According to=in the light of

  109. When it comes to=in terms of

  110. From a XXX perspective=in XXX sense

  111. Find a job=land a job

  112. Latest=up to date

  113. Achieve a goal=attain an accomplishment

  114. At the same time=simultaneously

  115. At the start of=on the threshold of 在……的开头,在……的前夕

  116. Certainly=to a certain extent

  117. Without doubt=indubitably adv.无疑地

  118. In XXX means=via XXX avenue

  119. Disagree with=be the last one to uphold

  120. As fast as=apace with 单词

  121. Awful=nauseous (if something makes you nauseous, you want to vomit)

  122. Lack=scarcity (if there is a scarcity of something, there is not enough of it for people)

  123. Suddenly=abruptly (very sudden and often unpleasant)

  124. Agree=espouse (the same as agree with)

  125. Immortal=eternal (something that is eternal can last forever)

  126. Gigantic=enormous (very large in size or amount)

  127. Horrible=macabre (strange and horrible or upsetting)

  128. Generous=munificent (very generous, FORMAL)

  129. Advantage=merit (if something has merit, it has good or worthwhile qualities)

  130. Happy=jovial (if someone is jovial, s/he is happy and behaves in a cheerful way)

  131. Sad=inconsolable (extremely sad and cannot be comforted)

  132. Brave=gallant (if someone is gallant, s/he behaves bravely)

  133. Disappear=vanish (ATTENTION: vanish means disappear suddenly or in a way cannot be explained)

  134. Difference=divergence (a divergence is a difference between two or more things, opinions or attitudes)

  135. Repeat=iterate vt.重申,反复说

  136. effective=efficacious (the same as effective, FORMAL)

  137. Dishonest=mendacious (a mendacious person is someone who lies)

  138. Talkative=loquacious (if someone is loquacious, s/he talk a great deal)

  139. Think over=contemplate (think carefully), ruminate on (think carefully)

  140. Tendency=vogue (in vogue means very popular)

  141. Protect from=shield from (the same as protect from)

  142. Lazy=slothful (lazy and unwilling to make an effort to work), indolent (lazy)

  143. Limited=finite (something that is finite has a definite fixed size or amount)