One-hour subject test


  Measure interpretive skills necessary to read poetry and prose from different periods and cultures


  About 60 multiple-choice questions

  6 to 8 reading selections followed by sets of 4 to 12 questions

  Selections from works originally written in English from the Renaissance to the present

  SAT2文学考试的问题类型Questions may cover:

  Overall meaning, including effect and theme

  Form, including structure, genre, and organization

  Use of language, including word choice, imagery, and metaphor

  Meanings and connotations of specifi c words in context

  Narrative voice, including tone and attitude

  Characterization in narrative and dramatic selections Recommended Preparation

  Close, critical reading in English and American literature from a variety of historical periods and genres

  Reading of complete novels and plays, not just excerpts

  Working knowledge of basic literary terminology, such as speaker, tone, image, irony, alliteration, stanza

  Three or four years of literary study at the collegepreparatory level

  Independent, critical reading of poetry, prose, and drama

  No suggested reading list


  Total score: 200–to–800 scale

  CONTENT Approximate

  % of Test*

  SAT2文学考试的考试内容Source of Questions

  English literature 40–50

  American literature 40–50

  Other literature written in English 0–10


  Renaissance and 17th century 30

  18th and 19th centuries 30

  20th century 40


  Poetry 40–50

  Prose 40–50

  Drama and other 0–10

  *The distribution of passages may vary in different versions of the test.

  The chart above indicates typical or average content.