Is strong moral character the most important qualification for a leader?


  Many people deem that achievement should be judged by how well one does in his or her personal career. However, as I fathom some high achievers’ experience, I hold the belief that ones’s achievement ought to be assessed by his or her help to others.

  Part of my certain belief derives from a celebrity from sports field. Billy Beane, the manager of Oakland Athletics of major League Baseball, was the one who reached the summit of his enterprise by helping questionable athletes against the perspective of the experts and the public. With limited budget, Billy was just capable of gathering third grade staffs and equipments. The public were convinced that the mediocre team would just conduct ordinary performance and his colleagues even forbade his members from taking the field. Nevertheless, reluctant to conform to such “biased” perception, Bill determined to take effective measures to prove that even the weaker voices have their values. In the first place, he decisively abandoned the traditional mode of employment by specially recruiting those baseball players who were bad-tempered and seemingly insufficient but proficient in certain areas of baseball. Then he selected these players by accurately evaluating their potential instead of judging from their former performance. Regardless of question and criticism, Bill eventually led his team to accomplish big triumph, and henceforth was venerated as a prominent sports manager. The aid Bill Beane offered his fellow team members in turn brought back himself greater achievement.

  Another biography of an outstanding artist could also illustrate my point. Dr Dre, who is noted by assisting myriad musicians to gain their success, is one of the most celebrated and prolific artists in contemporary music industry. As a teenager of 17, Dr Dre found the music style of rap suited to express his  undergone feelings and sensitivities and it might be a shortcut to conduct a wealthier living, so he strived to be a professional rapper. Struggling to succeed in a predominantly non-mainstream music style, he pored and drilled his skills and refined his verses in his friend’s garage and finally made his name notable in underground music. Although rejected and despised by mainstream music in 1990s at first, the predicament of rap music was subverted by the efforts of Dr Dre and his legendary band NWA, with their songs inspiring millions of fans and records selling millions of copies. After that, he spent all his spirits in being a producer and promoting rap rookies, such as Eminem and Snoop Dogg, who also became extremely renowned. Dr Dre is now worshiped not only for his prominent achievement as a singer, but for his readiness to help and promote young people in music industry.

  From the two examples above, we can conclude that achievement should not be judged only by one’s remarkable professional career,but the help he offers others is more important criterion of achievement.