2541. picturesque

  adj. 如画般美丽的

  suggesting a painted scene

  例 picturesque rocky shores 风景如画的岩石海岸

  2542. piecemeal

  adj. 零碎的

  done, made, or accomplished piece by piece or in a fragmentary way

  例 piecemeal reforms in the system 体制内零星的改革

  adv. 一点一点地

  one piece at a time

  例 articles acquired piecemeal.一点一点获取的文章

  2543. pigeonhole

  v. 分类

  to assign to an often restrictive category

  v. 搁置

  to lay aside

  例 his reports continued to be pigeonholed 他的报告一直被搁置

  2544. pigment

  n. 颜料;色素

  a substance used as coloring

  2545. pilfer

  v. 小偷小摸;(反复地)偷窃

  to steal stealthily in small amounts and often again and again

  2546. pine

  v. 想念,渴望

  to yearn intensely and persistently especially for something unattainable

  例 they still pined for their lost wealth 他们仍旧怀念已经失去的财富

  v. 悲痛憔悴

  to lose vigor, health, or flesh (as through grief)

  例 pined away and died 憔悴忧伤而死

  短 pine away 日渐憔悴

  2547. pinnacle

  n. [喻]顶点;顶峰

  the highest point of development or achievement

  例 pinnacle of Art Nouveau 新艺术运动的顶峰

  2548. pinpoint

  adj. 精确的

  extremely fine or precise

  例 to measur the line with pinpoint accuracy 以细微的精度测量线条

  v. 准确找到;确定

  to locate or aim with great precision or accuracy

  例 to pinpoint a target 瞄准目标

  2549. pious

  adj. 虔诚的

  marked by or showing reverence for deity and devotion to divine worship

  例 pious effort 虔诚的努力

  例 pious humility 虔诚的谦恭

  派 piety n. 虔诚

  2550. pithy

  adj. (讲话或文章)简练的

  precisely meaningful

  例 a pithy argument 一个简练的论证

  派 pith n. 要点;要旨