Sample 1:

  While the stock market crash of 1929 was the embryo of the Great Depression, the crash also set the foundation for a sounder economy. If we recognize the good and the bad of the crash, we are destined to make fewer economic mistakes.


  Sample 2:

  Leaders of other countries must also be questioned by nonresidents so as to discover precisely is happening tinder their authority.


  Sample 3:

  Galileo's story is a historical example of powerful knowledge being a burden, but ultimately having extremely positive benefits. If it weren't for great minds constantly expanding our knowledge of the world, we would be stagnant peoples, never moving forward and creating new and marvelous things.Knowledge truly is a tool that can change the world and although it may sometimes be inconvenient, it is the most powerful thing we have.


  Sample 4:

  While technology and science have made man's life easier, they have not made it better. Man has become less productive and less devoted, partly, as a result of this newfound ease of life. Therefore, what makes our lives easier does not necessarily make them better.


  Sample 5:

  There lies the reason why we are compelled by conscience. Money, fame and power are fleeting and insubstantial, for they can never mend the integrity sacrificed to obtain them. It is only when we act in the name of what is right that all of our possible talents may benefit ourselves, our peers, and our ideals.


  Sample 6:

  Overall, Wiesel's experiences exemplify the importance of the past as a guide. damsel's experiences helped to guide him in later life, but it was not until he pushed them aside that he could move on. To me,this means that you should rely on your past without letting it control you. Allow your past to act as al guide, while making sure that you are also living at present and looking to the future.


  Sample 7:

  Success, when achieved by the unworthy or inexperienced, is a most diestrous element. Success is not about being happy at the expense of those about YOU-it is about using one's newly gained happiness to improve the live, of others. If one reflects on the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one will astray; "To know that one person has breathed easier because you have lived-this is to have succeed。


  Sample 8:

  Rudyard Kipling once wrote in his poem If, which said that you will be a man if you can stand up and say what you bicyclic in when all men around you doubt you. Heroes must have the courage to risk everything they love to stand up for themselves in the face of opposition. Both William Lloyd Garrison and Arillate Beecher Stowe stood up against a society which had accepted slavery as a right.They believed that what their heart told them was right and risked everything to tell the public what they believed in. These two people hopefully made others to believe in themselves and what they viewed in their hearts.








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