voracious ADJ. /贪婪的;狼吞虎咽的/ravenous. The wolf is a voracious animal, its hunger never satisfied.

  SAM: vor=吃 ous 表示多,吃了很多就是贪婪的。

  warrant V. /授权;证明;批准/justify; authorize. Before the judge issues the injunction, you must convince her this action is warranted.

  SAM:打仗war 需要蚂蚁ant来授权,担保,批准。下面是名词。

  warranty N. /担保;保证/guarantee; assurance by seller. The pur chaser of this automobile is protected by the manufac turer's warranty that the company will replace any defective part for five years or 50,000 miles.

  wary ADJ. /机警的;小心的/very cautious. The spies grew wary as they approached the sentry.


  wastrel N. /废物;饭桶;放荡的人/profligate. His neighbors denounced him as a wastrelwho had dissipated his inheritance.


  watershed N. /分水岭/crucial dividing point. The invention of the personal computer proved a historic watershed, for it opened the way to today's Information Age.

  wax V. /增长/increase; grow. With proper handling, his fortunes waxed and he became rich.

  SAM:mars---war, 所以 这个单词也是由max表示大造成的---wax wa也可以拼音成蛙,青蛙增长了。

  waylay V. /埋伏;伏击;抢劫/ambush; lie in wait. They agreed to waylay their victim as he passed through the dark alley going home.