sat写作范文1:there is always a “however”. each situation has its benefits and drawbacks. in the field of market finance, we find a compelling example that supports this thesis.

  sat写作范文2:although it is good to stand out and make one’s own decision, sometimes it is beneficial to take the advice of others. we can see through the demise of king lear that he should not have ignored kent’s warning to not disown cordelia. the ignominious lose of sweden in the great northern war also demonstrate that others should listen to his advisers.








  topic: acting first or not

  under no circumstances should people act first even in some emergencies. although many may claim the benefits of acting first in some particular situations, i, on the other hand, strongly value the opposite. those who acting first often turn out to be losers in their future carrers or perspective fields in long time. indeed, acting first should never be recommanded in any time. the story of a & b can prove the statement above.


  topic: lie or not

  the common wisdom told us that in some situations, ‘ white lies ‘ can be tolerated. yet such wisdom often fails miserably in real life; such as the president knnedy’s scandal……therefore, treating other people insincerely can render nothing but ruinning the good and the beautiful. the examples of a & b …

  using a simple example in the opening is also an effective way of gaining points and attraction. plus, it makes your essay ‘contains’ 3 examples.


  using ‘if a,b’ is a not bad way to demonstrate your idea. notice that you don’t even need to give the reasons or the details. all your need is your statement.

  but using this kind of begin carefully.

  topic: lie or not

  lies could never be beneficial in ant situations. if we overcome a certain diffculty by telling lies, we had to make stories continuely.( cc,you dont need to give reasons.), which is really harmful in long term. those who treat other people sincerely would gain friendship and succes in the future ( no reasons no details, but it seems correct, so it’s not bad and kind of ok ) , while those who often use lies to befuddle others or promote themselves always suffer from their lying. the story of a & b …

  uh, if you cannot finish your essay in 25mins, you’d better master no.1 or no.3.and i had to say no.3 is incredible esay to use. wish you enjoy it.