The passage below is the unedited draft of a student’s essay. Parts of the essay need to be rewritten to make the meaning clearer and more precise. Read the essay carefully.

  The essay is followed by six questions about changes that might improve all or part of the organization, development, sentence structure, use of language, appropriateness to the audience, or use of standard written English. In each case, choose the answer that most clearly and effectively expresses the student’s intended meaning. Indicate your choice by blackening the corresponding space on the answer sheet.

  [1] Although some people believe that certain celebrations have no point, celebrations are one of the few things that all people have in common. [2] They take place everywhere. [3] Listing all of them would be an impossible task. [4] People of all kinds look forward to celebrations for keeping traditions alive for generation after generation. [5] Those who criticize celebrations do not understand the human need to preserve tradition and culture.

  [6] In the Muslim religion, the Ead is a celebration.

  [7] It begins as soon as Ramadan (the fasting month) is over. [8] During the Ead, families gather together. [9] New clothes are bought for children, and they receive money from both family and friends. [10] Also, each family, if they can afford it, slaughters a sheep or a cow.

  [11] They keep a small fraction of the meat, and the rest must give to the poor. [12] They also donate money to a mosque.

  [14] Many celebrations involve eating meals. [15] In the United States, people gather together on Thanksgiving to say thank you for their blessings by having a huge feast with turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. [16] Christmas and Easter holiday dinners are a custom in the Christian religion. [17] They have a roast at Christmas. [18] At Easter they serve ham. [19]

  The Jewish people celebrate Passover with a big meal called a seder. [20] They say prayers, drink wine, and sing songs to remember how Jews suffered centuries ago when they escaped from slavery in Egypt.

  [21] A celebration is held each year to honor great people like Dr. Martin Luther King. [22] His birthday is celebrated because of this man’s noble belief in equality of all races. [23] People wish to remember not only his famous speeches, including “I Have A Dream,” but also about him being assassinated in Memphis in 1968. [24]He died while fighting for the equality of minorities. [25]

  Unlike religious celebrations, celebrations for great heroes like Martin Luther King are for all people everywhere in the world. [26] He is a world-class hero and he deserved the Nobel Prize for Peace that he won.

  30. To improve the unity of the first paragraph, which of the following is the best sentence to delete?

  (A) Sentence 1 (B) Sentence 2

  (C) Sentence 3 (D) Sentence 4

  (E) Sentence 5

  31. Which is the best revision of sentence 9 below?

  New clothes are bought for children, and they receive money from both family and friends.

  (A) New clothes are bought for children, and they receive money from both family and friends.

  (B) The children receive new clothes and gifts of money from family and friends.

  (C) Receiving new clothes, money is also given by family and friends.

  (D) Gifts are given to the children of new clothes and money by family and friends.

  (E) Parents buy new clothes for their children, and family and friends also give money to them.

  32. In the context of the third paragraph, which is the best way to combine sentences 16, 17, and 18?

  (A) A roast at Christmas, ham at Easter—that’s what Christians eat.

  (B) Christians customarily serve a roast for Christmas dinner, at Easter ham is eaten.

  (C) At customary holiday dinners, Christians eat a roast at Christmas and ham is for Easter dinner.

  (D) Christians often celebrate the Christmas holiday with a roast for dinner and Easter with a traditional ham.

  (E) Christmas and Easter dinners are the custom in the Christian religion, where they have a roast at Christmas and ham at Easter.