beeline N. /直线/direct, quick route. As soon as the movie was over, Jim made a beeline for the exit.

  befuddle V. /迷惑/confuse thoroughly. His attempts to clarify the situation succeeded only in befuddling her further. beget V. /得子;产生/father; produce; give rise to. One good turn may deserve another; it does not necessarily beget


  begrudge V. /愤恨;嫉妒/resent. I begrudge every minute I have to spend attending meetings; they're a complete

  waste of time.

  *beguile V. /欺骗,骗住;消磨时间/mislead or delude; pass time. With flattery and big talk of easy money, the con men

  beguiled Kyle into betting his allowance on the shell game. Broke, he beguiled himself during the long hours by playing solitaire.

  behemoth N. / 怪物; 怪兽/huge creature; monstrous animal. Sportscasters nicknamed the linebacker "The


  belabor V. /嘴贫,过度的说;谩骂/explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; attack verbally. The debate

  coach warned her student not to bore the audience by belaboring her point.

  belated ADJ. /推迟的,延期的/delayed. He apologized for his belated note of condolence to the widow of his friend and

  explained that he had just learned of her husband's untimely death.

  beleaguer V. /攻击;使烦恼/besiege or attack; harassed. The babysitter was surrounded by a crowd of unmanageable

  brats who relentlessly beleaguered her.

  belie V. /掩饰,造成假象;矛盾/contradict; give a false impression. His coarse, hard-bitten exterior belied his inner


  belittle V. /蔑视,使渺小/disparage or depreciate; put down. Parents should not belittle their children's early attempts at

  drawing, but should encourage their efforts. Barry was a put-down artist: he was a genius at belittling people and making them feel small.

  bellicose ADJ. /好斗的,好战的/warlike. His bellicose disposition alienated his friends.

  belligerent ADJ. /好斗的,好斗嘴的/quarrelsome. Whenever he had too much to drink, he became belligerent and tried

  to pick fights with strangers. belligerence, N.

  bemoan V. /哀叹,悲伤/lament; express disapproval of. The widow bemoaned the death of her beloved husband.

  Although critics bemoaned the serious flaws in the author's novels, each year his latest book topped the best-seller list.