Part 1 Diagnostic Quiz

  1.Plastic pollution is globally distributed across

  2.Batteries have come a long way since Alessandro Volta

  3.Earlier this year a series of papers in The Lancet

  4.Picture two birthday parties: one for 4 year olds

  5.Men being, as has been said, by nature, all free, equal

  6.The world is very different now

  7.Our courier says they take you right up to the castle

  8.The order was given to loose the main-skysail

  Part 2 Science

  Level 1

  1. Building a road through wilderness certainly has

  2. Four billion years ago, Earth’s continents began

  3. Like an opera house, which has its public entrance

  4. The recovery of southern sea otters appears

  5. Plants, and all other living things, require nitrogen

  6. When it comes to evolution, islands are weird places

  Level 2

  1. Just as the Moon’s history was disrobed by laser ranging

  2. Scientists have known for more than 70 years

  3. The ability to travel mentally through time sets humans

  4. Amphibians have received much attention

  5. Nothing is more Australian than kangaroos

  6. A recent research collaboration has discovered

  7. Two X-ray space observatories

  8. We’ve all heard the adage: practice makes perfect

  9. How exactly does the technology we use to read

  10. When traversing cluttered environments

  Level 3

  1. Many vertebrates and invertebrates show

  2. For about 100 years, the scientific community

  3. Willow trees are well-known sources of salicylic acid

  4. A Frankensteinesque contraption of glass bulbs

  5. Dark energy, believed to be causing the acceleration

  6. The Human Genome Project has revealed that

  7. Food is energy for the body

  Level 4

  1. For reasons that are not entirely clear

  2. It seems like something out of a Robert Ludlum spy novel

  3. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses

  4. Nitrogen is an essential component of proteins

  5. The planet Earth is made up of three main shells

  6. Over the last two decades, mind-body therapies (MBTs)

  7. A developing organism captured on time-lapse video

  8. Bacteria that make us sick are bad enough

  Part 3 Social Science

  Level 2

  1. There is currently a broad global movement

  2. Online social networking sites, such as Facebook

  3. During my final semester of undergrad

  4. SCRABBLE has been one of the most popular

  Level 3

  1. As case studies go, understanding the distribution

  2. Political communication scholars are keenly concerned

  3. Cute things are popular worldwide. In particular

  4. The publication of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's

  5. If you walk down to the office gallery at Pearl sher Inc.,

  6. What explains prodigies

  Level 4

  1. The question of human overpopulation

  2. The health benefits of engaging in physical activity (PA)

  3. Questions of when, where, how

  4. Few scholars would dispute that music

  5. The oratory of great political leaders has been

  Part 4 History

  Level 2

  1. Dear Mr. President, I confess that

  2. Our object has been all along, to reform our federal system

  3. Seven o'clock, and retired to my reside

  4. It was without precedent for a president to leave

  5. The first and most obvious light in which the sea

  6. Mr. President, after Mr. Lincoln had been elected President

  Level 3

  1. It is not uncommon to meet with an opinion

  2. The history of Great Britain is the one with which

  3. Guard with jealous attention the public liberty

  4. From the part Mr. Burke took in the American Revolution

  5. We are often told that the world is going from bad to worse

  Level 4

  1. Today the Senate is stalemated in its efforts to enact

  2. It will not probably be denied that the burden of proof

  3. Another defect in our schools, which, since the revolution

  4. When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary

  5. The difference between Mr. Wilson and myself is fundamental