eulogy N./颂词;赞美词/expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death. Instead of delivering a spoken eulogy at Genny's memorial service, Jeff sang a song he had written in her honor.

  euphemismN./委婉的表达/mild expression in place of an unpleasant one. The expression "he passed away" is a euphemism for "he died."

  euphonious ADJ./悦耳的/pleasing in sound. Euphonious even when spoken, the Italian language is particularly pleasing to the ear when sung. euphony. N.

  euphoria N./非常愉快;病态的愉快,愉悦症/feeling of great happiness and well-being (sometimes exaggerated). Delighted with her SAT scores, sure that the university would accept her, Allison was filled with euphoria. euphoric,ADJ.

  evanescentADJ./消散的;凋零的/fleeting; vanishing. Brandon's satisfaction in his new job was evanescent, for he immediately began to notice its many drawbacks. evanescence, N.

  evasive ADJ./逃避的/not frank; eluding. Your evasive answers con­vinced the judge that you were withholding important evi­dence. evade,V.

  evenhanded ADJ./公平的/impartial; fair. Do men and women receive evenhanded treatment from their teachers, or, as recent studies suggest, do teachers pay more attention to male students than to females?

  evince V./表示/show clearly. When he tried to answer the ques­tions, he evinced his ignorance of the subject matter.

  evocative ADJ./唤起的/tending to call up (emotions, memories). Scent can be remarkably evocative: the aroma of pipe tobacco evokes the memory of my father; a whiff of talcum powder calls up images of my daughter as a child.

  ewe N./母羊/female sheep. The flock of sheep was made up of dozens of ewes, together with only a handful of rams.

  exacerbate V./恶化,加剧/worsen; embitter. The latest bombing exac­erbated England's already existing bitterness against the IRA, causing the prime minister to break off the peace talks abruptly.

  exacting ADJ./苛刻的/extremely demanding. Cleaning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was an exacting task, one that demanded extremely meticulous care on the part of the restorers. exaction, N.

  exalt V./晋升;赞扬/raise in rank or dignity; praise. The actor Alec Guinness wasexalted to the rank of knighthood by the queen.

  exasperate V./激怒/vex. Johnny often exasperates his mother with his pranks.