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1. 校园学习类话题


Describe why organizing time is challenging for university students and why it is important.

Your friend plans to quit business school and take music study instead. What suggestions would you give to your friend?

In your opinion, what is the most important quality a teacher should have?

Which period of life is best for people to learn a second language?

2. 生活娱乐类话题


Describe a tool or an object that you rely on the most in your daily life. Explain why it is important to you.

Talk about one way you think your life will be different ten years later from what it is now. Use details to explain.

What kind of pet would you like to keep? Describe with details and examples.

Describe the kind of movies you dislike. Describe with details and examples.

3. 职场就业类话题


One of your friends is going to attend a job interview, what suggestions would you give to your friend? Explain with details.

Which do you prefer? Work at home or in the office?

What do you think is the most effective way to find a job?

Describe a job that you wanted when you were a child but will not choose now.

4. 政府社会和其他话题


What kind of measures should be taken to alleviate the problem of traffic jam? Explain with details.

What should the government do to reduce the number of cars or other vehicles on the street to solve the problem of traffic jam?

Which one is more important, the industrial development or the environmental protection?


if you were given the opportunity to go visit the outer space, would you like to go or not? 有机会你要不要去外太空(shang tian)?


就如同我们历经千辛万苦,通过标准化成绩(TOEFL/GRE/GMAT)和文书的筛选,女神学校发来了面试通知, 你敢不看面经?你敢不去精心准备mock test?

接下来的动作当然是 - 按照分类话题,分单元练习;看到题干后,主动开脑洞,如果实在无思路,则看书中详解,并做语料准备;要做到考前见过并练过类似题目,方能保证回答流利、得体甚至精彩。


家人families,友谊friendship,健康 health,时间管理time management,多任务处理 multi-tasking skills 财务独立financial independence,效率efficiency,竞争力competitiveness,视野horizon,性格characteristic 特殊成长经历special experience 艺术品位artistic taste,责任responsibility,义务duty,互动interaction,小组讨论group discussion,团队合作teamwork,交友make friends,放松get relaxed,减轻压力reduce pressure,特殊礼物special gifts,积极性positivity and enthusiasm,专业知识expertise,个人兴趣personal interest,社会经验social experience,社会责任social responsibility 回报社会 pay back the society 灵感inspiration,创意creativity, 社区服务community service, 感同身受的共情emphasize with 视野格局horizon and vision


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