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本场写作题目为:Some countries have an ever-increasing proportion of population who are aged 15 and younger. What is your opinion of the current and future effects it may have in those countries?


Some countries have witnessed a rise in the proportion of the population under the age of 15. This essay will examine its current and future effects on those countries.

To begin with, a rising proportion of the young population will bring a greater economic burden on families. It is acknowledged that education, especially when parents want to offer their children high-quality education, will cost parents a large amount of money. The increasing proportion of youngsters means that parents need to spend more money on education. As a result, families may not have the budget to improve other aspects of their life.

In addition, juvenile delinquency may become a societal issue. When there are more children in a family, parents may face the challenge of balancing work and family. Since many children and teenagers are not able to distinguish what is and is not appropriate, without guidance of parents, they may be misled by some designing people and even break the law unconsciously. Especially for children from impoverished families, they are likely to earn money through some illegal ways, such as stealing, and it will affect social stability to some degree.

As for its future effect, when these youngsters grow up, they will face severe competition. It is acknowledged that employers will choose to hire excellent candidates through some tests. However, if the number of candidates increases rapidly, it means that youngsters need to defeat more competitors to be recruited by employers. Inevitably, there will be numerous graduates who fail to secure employment. Then, a higher unemployment rate will also contribute to social instability.

To sum up, the current effects of a higher percent of youngsters in some countries include a greater economic burden on families and a possibly increasing rate of juvenile delinquency. In the future, a higher unemployment rate may arise from this trend, and it will also disrupt social order to some extent.


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