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Who gave you your name?

When I was born, my parents discussed together to give me this name. My name comes from a novel called “the funeral of Muslim”, exactly the name of the heroine. Although the life of the heroine ended in her 23, my parents still wanted me to be outstanding just like her.

Is there any special meaning about your name?

Except for my parents’ wanting me to be outstanding, the literal meaning of “crescent” in Chinese implies the birth of the moon. Something newborn in China means energy and brightness. I guess that my parents might also wanted me to be a lively person that everyone likes.

How do people name their children in your country?

In China, there are lots of different ways to name a child. Some families have rules to pick a character that will appear in all the children’s name among the same generation. Some parents might find well-known person to give their children names. The ways of naming someone is also an art.

What kinds of names are popular in your country?

The names that look noble and poetic are very popular in my country. Parents always want their children to be unique out of all children, so the characters will be selected carefully to make a child’s name noble, poetic and high-leveled.


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