十天突破雅思写作有办法!本文主要跟大家分享三种real实用的雅思写作句式。分别是前进式,倒退式以及中间式。  下面为智课网带给大家的雅思写作备考内容:雅思写作考试需掌握的技巧--三种句式神助攻




  1. benefit from 从……当中获益

  例句:Their command of the language in later life will benefit from this early exposure, while learning other language subsequently will be easier from them.(剑9例句)

  详解:【注意】上面这个短语与is beneficial to……(对…有益)的主语和宾语位置正好相反,而且地道英文中有时还可以把它们放在文章的不同位置交替使用,以实现句式多样化。

  【反义】suffer from… 遭受…… 【反义】be damaged by… 被……破坏

  2. invest in 对…投资

  例句:In many countries, employees are encouraged to invest in private pension (养老金)plans. 详解:【近义】fund sth.

  例句:This affordability is further enhanced by the use of credit cards and loans in order to fund travel, especially for holiday purposes.(剑8例句) 【对比】be seriously underfunded资金严重不足的

  【相关】impose a high tax on sth. 对某事物征收重税,例句:为了促进公民的健康有一些欧洲国家have imposed a high tax on junk food, 俗称“肥胖税”(fat tax)

  例句:As well as physical activity, high tax penalties (n.处罚)could be imposed on high-fat food products, tobacco and alcohol.(剑9例句)

  3. promote creativity / environmental awareness / healthy lifestyles /gender equality / cultural diversity / economic growth / sustainable development / healthy competition 促进创造力/环境意识/健康的生活方式/性别平等/文化的多样性/经济增长/可持续发展/良性的竞争 例句:(i) Although the city has invested millions of pounds in museums and art galleries (美术馆,

  画廊),it has done little to promote the development of healthcare services.

  (ii) Healthy life balance and exercise are strongly promoted by the NHS(英国的国家医疗服务体系).(剑9例句)

  详解:【相关】stimulate creativity / imagination / economic growth 激发创造力 / 激发想象力 /


  【反义】hinder the development of …阻碍某事物的发展 【反义】is / are counterproductive 对达成目标具有阻碍作用

  4. enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of …提高某事物的效率和效用(如果只是需要讨论效率或者只是需要讨论效用,则可以从efficiency 和effectiveness 里选择对应的一个) 例句:The main question about distance education is whether it enhances the efficiency and the effectiveness of learning.

  例句:Others think that the true function of a university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is useful to an employer.(剑桥例句)

  【反义】deny ab. access to something 让某人无法获取或使用某种资源

  6.enrich someone’s learning(or work / cultural / artistic / life)experience 丰富某人的学习(或者工作的 / 文化的/ 艺术的/ 生活的)体验

  例句:Working for a period before going to university can enrich their life experience and make them more independent.

  详解:【相关】improve their social skills 提高他们的社会交往能力

  【相关】gain practical experience 获得实践的经验

  7. is / are responsible for something (or doing something )有去从事某事的责任或者应对某事负责

  例句: (i) Parents are responsible for teaching their children right from wrong (教他们的孩子分辨是非)

  (ii) Poor student behavior seems to be an increasingly widespread problem and I think that modern lifestyles are responsible for this. (剑桥例句)

  详解:【反义】be exempt from doing sth. 被免除某种责任,比如You are exempt from taking IELTS. 不过当然这是不可能的。

  8. help sb. to release stress and tension 帮助某人(例如)students / workers / employees /us )释放压力和紧张情绪。

  例句:The program is designed to help people to release stress and tension caused by work or lifestyle-related activities.

  详解:【相关】leisure time 休闲时间

  例句:Today’s sedentary lifestyle(缺乏运动的生活方式)and stressful working conditions mean that physical activity is no longer part of either our work or our leisure time.(剑9例句) 【相关】leisure activities休闲活动

  【反义】increase(或者raise)their stress levels 导致他们/她们的压力变得更大

  9.is / are both educational and entertaining 既具有教育性又具有娱乐性,寓教于乐的 例句:Many museums offer a wide range of (广泛的)activities that are both educational and entertaining.


  例句:It could also possibly reduce the crime level in the high school age group.(剑9例句) 详解:【相关】prevent crime 预防犯罪(动宾短语)

  【相关】crime prevention 对犯罪的预防(名词短语) 【相关】reform criminals 改造罪


  1. damage the environment (or someone’s health / someone’s self-confidence)破坏环境(或破坏

  某人的健康/ 打击某人的自信)

  例句:A regular diet of fast food can damage children’s health. 详解:【相关】is damaging to…对某事物有害

  例句:Some people think having school experience at a young age may be damaging to a child’s development.(剑桥例句)

  【区分】国内同学们在IELTS作文里经常混淆damage 和destroy 这两个词,其实它们的区别很明确:damage sth. 是常规意义上的破坏,如果及时采取措施就仍然有可能去改变或者减轻这种破坏所带来的影响。而destroy sth. 则强烈地暗示该破坏已经到了beyond repair 的程度,无法再减轻或者修复了。比如说某种情况damage air quality ,它也许会导致PM2.5数值较高。但如果说某种情况destroy air quality,基本就要戴贩毒面具才能出门儿了。又比如你看到报纸上报导一座历史建筑被damaged,那么你可能会在这栋建筑里找到“×××到此一游”之类的不雅留言或者在墙上找到一些cracks(裂缝),但是如果你看到新闻里说一栋历史建筑被destroyed,那么你就只能通过照片区永久地怀念它了(拆毁建筑还有个特定写法叫demolish a building,咱们在Day3里已经学过了)。

  2. cause anxiety (or stress / misunderstanding / resentment / climate change / traffic accidents /

  safety concerns) 导致焦虑(或者压力/ 误解/ 怨恨/ 气候变化/ 交通事故/ 关于安全的担忧)

  例句:Many scientists believe that global warming is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions (名词短语,对于温室效应气体的排放)from energy production,transport,industry and agriculture.

  详解:【相关】result in …导致某种结果(动词短语) 【对比】prevent sth. 防止某事物的发生

  【对比】prevent sb. from doing sth. 防止某人做某事

  例句:Any kind of spare time charity work will prevent them from sitting and doing nothing.(剑9例句)

  3. face fierce competition面对激烈的竞争(这个短语里的face 是及物动词,如果非要写得

  更难则是be confronted with fierce competition)

  例句:Fierce competition between companies means that consumers are better informed about the environmental impact of the products that they buy.

  详解:【相关】…is increasingly competitive. (某一领域)竞争越来越激烈 【对比】depend on co-operation and communication要依靠合作与交流

  4. lack practical experience (or social skills / motivation / team spirit / a sense of community

  /funding /equal opportunities)缺乏实践经验(或者社会交往技能/ 动力/ 团队精神/ 社区感/ 资助/ 平等的机会),请注意在这些短语里lack 都是作及物动词

  例句:Some employees lack the social skills needed to co-operate with their co-workers.(请注意这句话里lack the social skills 后面使用了过去分词短语作为后置定语,修饰social skills) 详解:【注意】lack 作动词时它的后面直接跟宾语,它和宾语之间不要使用任何介词;而当

  lack 作名词时它和宾语之间则通常都要使用介词of。

  例句:Those who believe teenagers are the happiest people cite their lack of

  responsibilities as a significant factor.(剑9例句)

  【反义】possess the skills needed to do sth. 拥有从事某种任务的技能

  例句:Many school are eager to hire employees who possess the organizational skills

  needed to complete the duties associated with teaching.

  5. restrict someone’s creativity / someone’s imagination / someone’s freedom / the development

  of something 限制创造力(或者想象力/ 某人的自由/ 某事物的发展)

  例句:They argue that school uniforms (校服)restrict students’ creativity and freedom of choice. 详解:【反义】encourage creativity鼓励创造力的发展 【反义】offer sb. greater freedom 给某人更大的自由 【反义】promote the development of…促进某种事物的发展 【比较】satisfy sb’s curiosity 满足……的好奇心

  6. find something frustrating 对某事物产生挫折感,感到很泄气

  例句:Students will not commit themselves to learning if they find their school experience frustrating.

  详解:【反义】find sth. stimulating 感到某事物很能激发自己的兴趣 【反义】find sth. motivating 感到某事物能够给人动力 【反义】find sth rewarding 感到某事物很有回报

  【语法】这四个短语里sth. 后面的形容词都是作宾补,参见p.80,请记住find sth. +

  形容词这个有用的结构。You’ll find it very helpful.

  例句:(i) Many people find their rewards unfair, especially when comparing these super

  salaries with those of top surgeons or research scientists.(剑桥金句)

  (ii)Young adults may end up never returning to their studies or finding it difficult to

  readopt to readopt to (重新去适应) an academic environment.(剑桥例句)

  7. is / are treated unfairly 受到不公正的对待

  例句:Employment discrimination occurs when job applicants and employees are treated unfairly based on their race, gender or age.

  详解:【反义】is / are treated fairly and with respect 被平等对待并且得到尊重(请注意不要漏


  【反义】have equal opportunities 拥有平等的机会

  8. widen the gap between the rich and the poor 加大贫富差距(地道英文里也经常简单地写成

  widen the gap between rich and poor )

  例句:The range of technology available to individuals is widening the gap between the rich and the poor rather than narrowing it (请注意narrow 在这里是作及物动词)

  详解:【同类】widen the gap between rich countries and poor countries加大富国与穷国之间的


  【反义】narrow the gap between rich and poor 缩小贫富差距

  9. lead (or follow ) an unhealthy (或者sedentary / extravagant ) lifestyle 过不健康(或缺乏运

  动的/ 奢华的)的生活方式

  例句:(i) People who lead an unhealthy lifestyle are at increased risk of (有更大的风

  险)developing heart disease, hypertension(高血压)and diabetes(糖尿病).

  (ii)Today’s sedentary lifestyle and stressful working conditions mean that physical activity

  is no longer part of either our work or our leisure time(休闲时间).(剑9例句)

  详解:【相关】damage someone’s health 破坏人们的健康

  例句:A regular diet of fast food can seriously damage children’s health. 【相关】have an unhealthy diet 保持不健康的饮食结构

  【对比】have a healthy and balanced diet保持健康均衡的饮食结构 【对比】exercise regularly经常进行锻炼(动词短语) 【对比】 limit TV viewing 控制看电视的时间(动宾短语)

  10. reduce face-to-face communication(the Internet 互联网,social networking websites 社交

  网站,mobile phones 手机等)减少面对面的交流

  例句:Internet use reduces face-to-face communication with friends and family, as well as time spent outside the home.

  详解:【相关】discourage real interaction 抑制真正意义上的沟通(动宾短语) 【相关】cause social isolation 导致脱离社会的生活方式(动宾短语)

  【对比】allow users to share interests, ideas and activities 让用户可以分享兴趣爱好、想


  11. glorify violence 美化暴力(及物动词glorify的后面通常跟暴力、犯罪、反社会行为等,


  例句:Frequent exposure to films and video games that glorify violence encourages children to behave aggressively(有攻击性地).

  详解:【近义】glorify crime and anti-social behavior (主语是电影、电视节目、电子游戏等)


  【相关】is / are addicted to violent games 对暴力的游戏上瘾(名词短语Internet addiction

  和video game addiction 则是分别指网瘾和电玩瘾)

  【相关】be exposed to violence or sexual images (主语是人物)接触到暴力或者色情画


  【反义】control violent content in entertainment media(主语是政府)控制娱乐媒体中的


  12. violate the law / sb.’s rights / sb.’s privacy 违反法律/ 侵犯某人的权利/ 侵犯某人的隐私 例句:They argue that community service (社区服务)is not a sufficient (充分的)punishment for people who violate the law. 详解:【近义】break the law 违反法律

  【相关】commit a crime犯罪(务必注意当commit表示“犯”的含义时它是一个及物


  【相关】be sent to prison 被送入监狱 【相关】be released from prison 被从监狱释放 【相关】are likely to re-offend 很可能会重犯 【相关】reform criminals改造罪犯(动宾短语)


  1.support/oppose....on the grounds that....


  2.With the development of...., vast changes awaits this country's society. History is filled with the examples of....


  3.The story is not rare (isolated / unique), it is one of many examples. As is shown in the table released by the government, it can be learned that… There is (no) good evidence to… We must admit the undeniable fact that… No one can deny (brush aside) the fact that… Experience (Evidence) suggests that… The same is true of… As the saying goes,....

  4.The change in…mainly results from … The increase in…is due to the fact that… Many people would claim that…


  5.One of the reasons given for…is that… What is also worth noticing is that…


  6.There are a variety of reasons for this dramatic growth in… First, … Second, … Finally, …


  8.There is no evidence to suggest that…


  9.Why are (is / do / did)…? For one thing, … For another, …


  10.There are numerous reasons why…, and I shall here explore only a few of the most important ones.


  11.It will exert remarkable effect on…


  12.A multitude of factors could account for (contribute to) the change in…


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