Some people believe that schools should only teach children subjects which are beneficial to their future career and thereforeothers subjects such as music and sports are not important.

  To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  题目类型&回答策略:同意(原因)? 同意(结论)?


  I tend to think it ridiculous that the schools simplyeducate the children subjects beneficial to their future career. This is partly because few people would be one hundred percent sure what careers the children with different life goals or backgrounds would develop or whether they would change their minds. So I doubt whether the good attemptof schools would end up taking effect.

  However, the main concern is that only teaching some of the subjects would be unfairto most children who not only have a burning desire for academic knowledge but also are more interested in art or outdooractivities. Instead, modern school children should be given a wide range of subjects whether the schools think them useful for children’s future career, which can be compared to the fact that diversefoods are positive to people’s physical health.

  This means that some subjects like music and sports are quite necessary in today’s schools that are expected to help with developing children in many ways. Children would go out of classroom to playground and breathe fresh air that is good for their brain by taking physical education; they could be enlightened by studying systematicallymusic knowledge or the way to appreciateworks. Furthermore, some musical or sports talents would start to come out in that important period.

  In conclusion, my view is that children should try their best to study any subjects beneficial to their future, and that the duty of the school should be to provide good quality ones and, if possible, to set a scientific timetableincluding an appropriate proportion of different classes.