1 according to the chart```

  2 the date lead us to the conclusion that```

  3 the date show```

  4 the tree diagram reveals how```

  5 the figures show```

  6 this is a cure graph which describes the trend of```

  7 the pie graph depicts```

  8 the graph provides some interesting date regrarding```

  9 the table shows the changes in the number of ``` over the period from ```to ```

  10 as is shown in the table ```

  11 from the table ,we can clearly see that ```

  12 this table shows the changing proportion of X and Y from ``` to ````

  13 the graph,presented in a pie chart, shows the general trend in```

  14 as can be seen from the grape ,the two curves show the flutuation of ```

  15 over the period from ```to ```the```remained level.

  16 in the year between ```and ```.

  17 in the 3 years spanning from 2005 through 2008.

  18 the number of ``` remained steady from ```to ````.

  19 the number sharply went up to ```

  20 the percentage of ``` stayed the same between ``` and ```

  21 the percentage remainede steady at```

  22 the percentage of ```is sightly large than that of.

  23 there is not a great deal of differece between ```and ```

  24 the graphs show a three fold increase in the number of ```

  25 ```decreased year by year while ```increased steadily.

  26 there is an upward trend in the number of ```

  27 a considerable increase occurred from ```to ```

  28 from ```to ```the rate of decrease slow down.

  29 from this year on,there was a gradual declinel reduction in the ```reaching a figure of.

  30 be similar to ```be the same as

  31 there are a lot similarities between ```and ```

  32 the difference between X and Y lies in ```