In some societies, fashion become more and more important in choosing clothes,Why?do you think it is positive development or negative development?



  问了两个问题,首先问why,现在人们买衣服purchase clothes,挑衣服try on clothes越来越讲时尚vague/fashion,或者说越来越讲牌子brand,讲漂亮fascinating/exquisite,讲个性show one's character。那是由生活水平逐年提高有关!it has been associated with increasing living standard and quality! 在过去in the past,人们只能够关注是否穿暖people usually concern about whether clothes may keep them warm,是否能否维持基本的生活需求and whether they can sustain fundamental living demands. 在这样的情况下,他们根本不可能把重心放在样式,做工上面。under this circumstance, it is impossible to concentrate on style and texture of clothes.然而,现今,经济的发展不但给我们带来的是广阔生动的世界,而且还解放了人们的思想,追求美好的事物。however, nowadays, the development of economy not only has brought about more vivid world but has liberated people's thoughts, pursuing marvelous target.

  其次,现代媒体的发展也推动了商品的个性化。besides, modern media also propelled characterization of goods.并且通过各种各样的广告把好的创意和设计推广出去,媒体可以使人们保持对时尚的最新情况的关注并对此产生兴趣。and after promoting excellent innovation and design by advertisement, media can make consumers keep informed of this fashion and show their interest in it.

  追求好的款式和时尚在很大程度上都是一件好事。choosing clothes with fashion is of great benefit for us to large extent.人们可以以此来表明自己的心情、个性。so people can show their moods and characters with this fashion. 并且不同年龄层的人群有不同的追求。also, people of different ages have their own favorite.这又促进了商品的发展。但是,对于青少年而言,不因由于过多的关注衣服的时尚而产生一些不良的现象。而应该把更多精力放在学习上。

  but,it is inadvisable for teenagers to over-concern about vague of clothes. anyway, choosing clothes is a wise fashion which we advocate.