Argument :

  本文可以处理成两面正正负或负正正结构,反正就是rote learning 不是一无是处,也不是唯一最佳的教学手段,需要结合其他的学习方法;

  Argument for :

  举例 2 例如,中国人认为,人会得到精神的一本书后,阅读了100倍。研究人员发现,死记硬背的学习是特别有用的青少年学生。当教导孩子怎样使用计算机,教官告诉他们一遍又一遍,直到他们能正确地执行任务。此外,对于某些类型的学习初期阶段,涉及的理解往往是微乎其微。当然死记硬背的学习承担着重要的作用。Learning by repetition is an effective strategy in learning. For example, Chinese people believe that one will get the gist of a book after reading it for a hundred times. Researchers have found that rote learning is particularly useful for young learners. When teaching children how to use a computer, instructors show them over and over again until they can perform tasks correctly. Moreover, for certain kinds of learning at early stage, the understanding involved is often minimal. Naturally rote learning assumes an important role.

  但我们也应该承认,死记硬背的学习有一些局限性。 But we should also admit that rote learning has a number of limitations.

  但是,我们必须牢记,有意义的学习(meaningful learning )更重要的是为我们的教育体系。当学生年龄的增长,进入高年级,范围和深度的学习成长。当然,死记硬背的学习可以帮助学生学习知识的心,但可能无助于提高他们的分析能力和创造力。一直强烈批评,一些学校过分的重要性,死记硬背的知识和生产的学生以极大的弱点,运用知识的实践。解决这些问题,可能是因为学校和学生的投入更多的精力到有意义的学习。 When students grow older and enter higher grades, the scope and depth of their learning grow. Surely rote learning can help students learn knowledge by heart but it could do little to improve their analyzing ability and creativity. There has been strong criticism that some schools overemphasize the importance of memorization of knowledge and produce students with great weaknesses in applying knowledge in practice. Solution for such problem could be that schools and students put in more effort into meaningful learning.

  someone denies that his approach is anti-learning. He argues that the ability to learn new things is more important than ever “in a world where you have to process new information at lightning speed”. He said: “Children are going to have to reinvent their knowledge base multiple times. So for them memorising facts and figures is a waste of time.” 有些人持对死记硬背是反学习的态度。他们认为,在我们当代有能力学习新事物比以往更加重要“的世界中,你必须处理新的信息以迅雷不及掩耳的速度” 。: “孩子们将不得不重塑他们的知识基础多次。因此,对他们记忆力的事实和数字是浪费时间。