Some people think modern children’s games can help them to develop wide range of skills, but other people argue that traditional games can be much better for developing such skills. State your opinion.
  Nowadays, It is widely acknowledged that games can stimulate the children’s intelligence, widen their horizons and benefit their inquisitiveness. However, the discussion about discrepancy between traditional games and modern games greeted the individuals’ eyes. As far as I am concerned, despite their diversified difference, I consent to the following statement: in some occasions, modern games can do better.
  Mass mediacarries extensive coverage of online games’ crawl and shock to people’s life. Why the online games are so attractive and how we can draw our kids back to the classroom are coming the focus of our educationists and principals. Maybe finding the answer is a long story, but we can easily draw the conclusion easily that children and even the adults like it so much. Modern games have special charming to people. Our kids liked indulged in the street games houses not long ago. With the computer and the World Wide Internet widespread. There are categories of online games whose vision effect and engrossing episodes lead the children into wonderland. Racing games can practice the kids sensibility, Puzzle games can develop their intelligence and dressing up games can cultivate the children’s art appreciation.
  Modern games also are more suitable to our children’s appetizer. Times elapses, so does our interests. Not only the games’ contents are upgrading from generation to generation, but also the game technology and scientific level are evolving so quickly. There is no denying that modern children’s computer skills and creativity is better than us in many respects. In my own opinion, modern games contribute considerably to this.
  It must be emphasized that the traditional games are notneither rhyme nor reason. On the contrary, the traditional games also can sparkle in our eyes. For example, playing team games, like Word Puzzle, Game of Life and so on can enhance our family relationship and help the children build up collective conception and team spirit. But through the meticulous scrutinizing between traditional games and modern games, I must appoint out the statement that in many functions to children , the modern games can do a better job.
  Put all-above mentioned analysis into a nut, modern games have tremendous merits in comparison with the traditional games, but in the hoping to eliminate the disadvantages in modern games, the suggestion that parents, schools and the games companies should avoid the kids’ games addiction and make a correct direction will definitely good to our children and society.