Memorization of information by frequent repetition (rote learning) plays a role in many education systems. Does the usefulness of the learning method outweigh its limitations?

  Memorization of information by frequent repetition has always been regarded as one of the most effective learning methods by a large number of people. While others believe that the usefulness of this approach may be overshadowed by its limitations. In this essay, I would like to anaylize whether the function of memorization outweigh its limitation.

  On one hand, by frequent repetition of the fundamental information learners can have a basic idea as for what the knowledge is and therefore better learn how to put it into practice. Memorization takes place all the time throughout the whole learning process. By being memorized the primary information can be firmly mastered, thus the essence can be learned step by step. And only by keeping the specific information in the mind can one adeptly take advantage of what he or she has learned. For example, lawyers speak on behalf of the defendants in the court. They have to memorize a large amount of laws so that they know how the laws related to the case function and how they can prove that the defendant is innocent.

  On the other hand, rote learning also has its limitations, which makes it impossible to gain all the knowledge only by recitation. Some of the subjects like arts and literature can by no means be accomplished by memorizing information. Artists are never expected to learn the essence of art by memorizing others` works; otherwise the subject would be misunderstood. Likewise, a writer can never know how to write only by reciting articles collected from different areas.

  In conclusion, it is really hard to say whether the function of memorization brings more to learners than its limitation does. There is no doubt that memorizaton is benefitial to learners in the process of learning, but its limitation can also be noticeable at the same time. As a result, some other learning methods can be applied for the sake of the learners.