You have finished management course. You want to give some suggestions about the course.

  Write a letter to the director. In your letter

  1) describe what your opinion about the course is

  2) tell the director what your suggestion is


  Dear Mr. Clinton,

  I hope that this unintended letter would not surprise you. I used to study in your school, and this letter is basically concerned about some courses I had been through. It is too bad some problems occurred. Otherwise, I was very satisfied with my learning experience there.

  The management course is generally satisfactory. I have been especially impressed with the book the lecturer had recommended. I am convinced that what I learnt from the courses is of great use to my job.

  However, it has come to my attention that some of your lecturers are so young that they seem to have deficient experience in the field of management. They should connect those theories with the real world. In light of my long history as an on-the-job training participant, I trust that your school can manage to improve this situation. Those lecturers are undoubtedly aspiring, dedicated and responsible, but I personally suggest that they can undergo more practical training, and learn more about the application of theories.

  Thanks a lot for your concern. I am looking forward to improvement, although I am no longer your student.

  Yours sincerely,