1. put sb or sth at risk 使。。。冒风险

  2. be a serious setback for the career development对职业发展是一个严重的挫折

  3. be lack of a sense of job security 缺乏工作的安全感

  4. distract sb from doing sth 是某人从某事中分心

  5. impose a heave strain on 带来巨大的压力

  6. be exaggerated and cheating 夸大且欺骗的

  7. be the invasion of privacy 侵犯隐私

  8. violate rights of free speech侵犯言论自由的权利

  9. endanger social stability and safety 危害到社会的稳定与安全

  10. restrain sb from doing 限制某人做某事

  11. arouse resistances in the public 引发公众的对立

  12. be very orthodox in one’s behavior 行为正统

  13. be incompatible with the present work与当前的工作不融合

  14. go astray 误入歧途

  15. undermine local culture 破环当地文化

  16. jeopardize the safety and stability of the society 破坏社会的安全与稳定

  17. set a bad example to 树立坏的榜样

  18. lead to the extinction of some species 导致一些物种的灭绝

  19. result in shortage of energy and natural resources导致能源的短缺

  20. be irreparable and irreversible damage 不可修复性的破环

  21. to cause the estrangement/isolation/alienation between A and B 导致了 A与B之间的疏远

  22. bring disgrace on sb 为。。。带来耻辱

  23. suffer heavy losses 损失惨重

  24. easily cause stress-related illnesses 容易导致与压力相关的疾病

  25. lack basic infrastructures 缺乏基础设施

  26. break the ecological balance 破环生态平衡

  27. lead to extravagant waste of public funds 导致公共资金的极度浪费

  28. make… in disorder 使混乱

  29. be detached from 脱离。。。

  30. be harmful to our physical and mental and health 损害身心健康

  31. lead to degradation of social atmosphere 世风日下

  32. further widen the gaps between the rich and the poor 进一步加大贫富之间的差距

  33. be the drying up of our limited natural resources and the deterioration of the environment 有限的自然资源的枯竭和环境的恶化

  34. contaminate environment 污染环境

  35. generate electromagnetic radiation and jeopardize human health 产生电磁污染而且危害人类健康

  36. bring about the risks such as computer virus,nuclear leakage, biological weapons, global warming, exhaustion of natural resources and extinction of many plant and animal species 带来很多风险,比如电脑病毒,核泄露,生化武器,全球变暖,自然资源的枯竭以及很多动植物物种的灭绝

  37. be a root of all evils 万恶之源

  38. be easily taken in by 容易被欺骗

  39. aggravate the traffic jams and worsen the crowdedness 使交通堵塞和拥挤更为恶化

  40. will pay a high price for this negative development of 为。。的负面发展付出高昂的代价。