1.What was your favorite toy in childhood?


  My favorite toy was a doll sent by my mother. I would carry the doll everywhere I went. I liked to pretend to be her mother.

  2.Should parents buy many toys to their children?


  Yes they should. I believe toys are very important to children. They could accompany the kids.

  3.What are the benefits of children playing toys?


  I think playing toys helps the children to cultivate their imagination. And they can be happier with toys. The parents could also get involved when their children are playing toys.

  4.What are the disadvantages of children playing toys?


  Some toys are dangerous to children. They may swallow some small parts of the toys. So parents should be there watching them when they are playing toys.

  5.Do you often look in the mirror?


  It depends. When I am in a hurry, I would not have time to look in the mirror and check my hair. But if I am not in a hurry, I would love to look in the mirror.




  Describe a kind of weather you like.

  You should say:

  what kind of weather it is;

  when this weather usually occurs;

  what you usually do during this weather;

  and explain how this weather affects your mood.



  I like the sunny days in late spring and early autumn. I don’t like sunny days in summer or winter because in summer, it is usually too hot and in winter, the sun still could not compensate for the cold. So it is perfect to have a sunny day in the late spring and early autumn when the temperature will not be too low or too high. Usually I will go outdoors in such weather. The landscape is quite agreeable. There are many different kinds of plants and flowers flourishing along the roadside. It is delightful to walk on the road to enjoy the beautiful sight. Besides, I can do all kinds of sports in the sunny days. I can play badminton or tennis, go hiking, jogging or running. I don’t need to wear too many clothes, so it’s convenient. Sometimes I just don’t want to do any work in sunny days, so I will grab a book or some snacks, find myself a seat in the garden and stay there all day.

  Weather can greatly affect my mood. I feel energetic in sunny days in these two seasons. It’s just like that the sun has provided me with great energy. I feel confident that everything is under control and everything is hopeful. I’m ready to take challenges and ready to offer. But in rainy days, I often feel depressed and gloomy.



  Describe an interesting neighbor

  You should say:

  Who this person is

  How you know this person

  What this person likes to do

  and explain why you think this neighbor is interesting



  Talking about an interesting neighbor, the first person that came to my mind is an uncle who lived nearby when I was young. We children called him Uncle Zhang. He was a soldier and then retired and moved to our city. He worked as a cook, and he was good at making snacks like pumpkin cakes and cookies. He also loved to make innovative dishes. For example, he would carve flowers or birds out of a turnip. This was the most welcomed move among our kids. And he was very kind that he often shared delicious food with the neighborhood.

  He was like a walking library because he knew all answers to our questions, like why the moon lights and why the stars sparkle. So we all liked to go to his house and asked him all kinds of questions and pleaded him to tell us all kinds of stories. These stories greatly intrigued our imagination of the world. I still remembered one fancy story he told us. He forecasted that in the future people would invent a kind of machine that it can make food automatically for people. All you need to do is sending all the materials in the machine and all kinds of dishes will come out. I was really eager to own such a machine when I was young.


  ①Do you think neighbors are important?


  Well, I think it depends. I mean it really brings about some benefits when we get to know our neighbors well. They can answer our questions and offer us some important information, such as where we can buy the cheapest and finest vegetables or where we can pay the bill of electricity. Sometimes we can learn from them. I once learned how to cook from one of my neighbors. The stewed pork she made is one of the best I have ever had. But now it is getting harder to acquaint a neighbor because people are just getting too busy. We can hardly have any interactions with them now, which make the neighbors less important.

  ②Do you think it's important to have a good relationship with one's neighbors?


  I think it is important to have a good relationship with neighbors. In many families, there is only one child. They could be very lonely. So if they can play with their playmates from the neighborhood, they would be vey excited. And to busy adults, neighbors can also be very important. If they have some emergent business to deal with, they can ask their neighbors to do them a favor and help to take care of the children. To the elders, their lives could also be very boring when they retire from work. So if they can talk with their neighbors or play cards or mahjong together, their lives can be more colorful.

  ③Do you think people's relationships with their neighbors today is the same as it was in the past?


  Well, I believe it is not the same as it was in the past. I remembered that when I was young, we lived in bungalows that connect with one another. We were very familiar with our neighborhoods. Now and then we would gather together to have meals. When my parents were busy, they would send me to the house of some neighbor and ask them to take care of me. But now people all live in high-rise buildings. They are very busy and they all tend to close their door the instant they get back home. So there is nearly little chance to get to know them. Maybe there are exceptions, but I really think the interactions between neighbors are much less now.

  ④What are the benefits of belonging to a community?


  I believe there are many benefits of belonging to a community. Firstly we would not feel lonely. It is great to have some companions, to know that we can get help when we are in trouble. Secondly we can have much fun to take part in the activities held by the community. Take this Christmas for example, many of the neighbors in our community volunteered to dress up as Santa and send presents to children. The children were all thrilled to see Santa when they opened the door. And another benefit is that we can always get some useful information in time. We have a QQ group. It’s an Internet platform where we can talk to each other. Whenever we want to know something, we pose the question and then we would get the answers we want.



  Describe a famous person

  You should say:

  Who he/she is

  What he/she does

  How you knew him/her

  And explain why the person is famous



  I admire the Chinese athelete Guo Jingjing so much. She won the gold medal in the diving competition at Sydney as well as the Beijing Olympic Games. I knew her since I was in high school. I watched her competition in the television and it left me a deep impression. She was so elegant and her motion was so light. She seldom made any mistakes so her performance was quite stable. That was amazing because I can imagine how nervous she felt having the whole world watch her, and yet she controlled herself masterfully and made a perfect dive. After that I became a huge fan of her and I would watch every competition she took. I hope that I can achieve that same level of self-control and mastery over a skill.

  Guo becomes famous because she has brought pride to her country. Her diving style is unique and brave. She has won many gold medals during the world-class competitions. Besides, she is so diligent that she moves us deeply. Unlike other athletes who were trained in specialized diving schools, Guo’s training was not so privileged. She achieved her glory through hard work and a committed coach. Even after she retired from Sports Bureau, she entered in college and kept on working hard. I think she has set a good example for us to follow.


  ①How do people become famous?


  Well, many people get famous because they are exceptionally good in their work fields. Singers get famous because people love their songs or their songs represent a certain group’s attitude. Like Jay Chou, he is quite popular among young people. Actors or actresses get famous because they are extremely handsome or beautiful, or they are very good at acting. People love to see their movies so they become famous. Athletes get famous because they win competitions or they work so hard that it touches people deeply. Like Bolt, he is a legendary figure and he has made many breakthroughs in 100-meter race.

  ②What types of people become famous in your country?


  Well, I have to say that nowadays it is not that difficult to become famous. You’ll find all kinds of people become famous. Good-looking people get famous. Like Naicha, she became famous when her pictures were put on the Internet and many people marveled at her good looks. Many movie actors and actresses are also famous for their pretty faces and good figures. Some people even get famous because the dog or cat they have is good looking, and they put their pets’ pictures on the Internet. Then they get themselves a lot of fans. Unbelievable, right? Also talented people get famous. Moyan became famous because of the books he wrote. He also won the Nobel Prize in literature. Yuan Longping is famous because he has developed new species of crops and helped to solve the problem of food shortage.

  ③What qualities do (all or most or many) famous people have in common?


  Well, talking about the qualities that famous people have in common, I shall say they are professional. They are really good at the things they do. Just imagine, if the singers could not sing beautiful songs or the actors could not act well, I don’t think they would be noticed by people, not even mention to be famous. And another quality they have is their perseverance. Take the athletes as an example. The competition may only last several days, but the athletes usually spend years on training. If they don’t stick to it, they would never become successful or famous.

  ④Do you think people are famous as a result of some real talent or are they famous for some other reasons?


  I think most people are famous because they are really talented. I can list many people as examples, such as the famous singer Jack Chou, the well-known athlete Guo Jingjing, the popular writer Han Han,to name but a few. They have really done a good job in their own field. But people can also get famous for other reasons. I know a blogger who becomes quite popular on the Internet because he owns two adorable pets, a dog and a cat. Every day he would share the photos of his pets on the Internet and he gains many fans.

  ⑤What are the good points about being famous?


  Well, fame usually goes with money. After movie stars become famous, they will have more contracts and make more money. They can also endorse many famous brands. These are benefits they can have. Also I think famous people tend to have a bigger influence and in a way motivate more people. They usually overcame many difficulties before they finally became famous, so their stories can inspire young people to work hard. And they can use their influence to advocate good deeds. Many of them have established various funds to help children to go to school or help children to fight off diseases. If famous people make good use of their influence, they can contribute a lot.