Part 1

  1. What is your favorite color?


  My favorite color is azure, the color of clear sky and ocean. It is quite rare for me to enjoy the seaside views since I was born in inland cities. I just could not forget the moment I saw the azure water for the first time. Since then, it become my favorite color.

  2. Which color do you plan to paint your room?


  Basically I am not the one who pay too much attention to the diversity of colors. And I really don’t want to be trapped into so many troubles. So I would rather keep the color of my room as it is right now. I don’t think the white color is boring nor dull. Less is more, simple is the best.

  3. Do you think it is necessary for all children to learn how to swim?


  For children born and living in seaside places, it is definitely necessary for them to learn swimming since they would have more chances to get access to the sea and swimming will serve as a quite practical skill for them. For children who are born in inland cities, they may have quite limited opportunities to get close to the sea, and they do not need to rely on swimming to earn a living or save their own life.

  Part 2&3



  Describe a person who you admire.


  Actually I seldom admired the celebrities, especially those so-called superstars, most of whom, in my opinion, became famous only through some fortune or factors beyond control. After being known to the public, some actors or actresses would indulge themselves in some worldly happiness, idling their time away and leaving negative influences on teenagers.

  However, there is indeed one female leader that I really want to meet in person. Waris Dirie was born in a remote desert village in Somalia. Raped by her father's friend at the age of 4 and suffering from the most crucial female circumcision at the age of 5, her childhood was a totally mess. In order to escape from the arranged marriage at the age of 12, Waris Dirie walked across the desert and fled to the UK. After she had acquired a world-wide reputation as a super model as well as the movie actor, Waris began to devote all of her time and energy into various kinds of charity organizations as a representative and pioneer in order to protect the rights and freedom of all the female, helping to save a large amount of women from the multiple types of discrimination and assaults.

  From my perspective, it is really hard for a vulnerable woman to fight against the arranged life span executed by a society that regards the male as its sovereign. What is more impressive and dauntless is that after acquiring a world-wide fame, she did not indulge herself like many other celebrities, rebelling the stereotyped traditions that may have existed for hundreds of years. She is a genuine leader of all the female.


  What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a leader?


  On the one hand, being a leader means that you will be known and recognized by more people, thus offering more resources, no matter personal relationships or materials, which could be of great benefits to us in money earning, problem solving and reputation spreading. Being a leader could also provide the person a sense of self-achievement and abundant confidence. However, on the other hand, when someone becomes a leader, he or she must enjoy such a reputation at the sacrifice of some certain issues, especially the private time, in order to lead the whole team or organization to improve work performances.



  Describe an area of science that you are interested in (such as physics, mathematics)


  Well, before talking about a course I want to learn if I have time, I want to share with you an experience of finishing a school project at first. As a student majoring in geology, a major that focuses on real practices, I went to the suburbs of Beijing with my classmates on a geological production practice for one month last summer. We were arranged in group of six to complete different tasks. Everyday, we had to set up at 6 o’clock in the morning and we also needed to analyze data as well as design the route for next day after we went back to our accommodation at night. On the last day of practice, we finally handed in a dissertation to the professor and showed our discoveries on projectors.

  However,during the process, I gradually realized the importance of a specialized course named Application of Remote Sense, which was a course about the discovery of rock nature from a distant area. It had a strict requirement on our computer application skills, which I seldom paid attention to before. As a student majoring in Science, I do hope to utilize my knowledge into real life. However, traditional education only focuses attention on the cultivation of academic courses. When confronting problems in other areas, the information in our textbooks is not enough. What’s more, the pressure from contemporary employment market demands us to be comprehensive talents in order to cope with real working conditions.


  Do you think teachers have a great influence on students’ studies?


  From my perspective, whether a teacher have a great influence on students’ studies depend on both the knowledge and personal charms the teacher have. Generally, students should spend at least 8 hours at school, which means that they have great opportunities to get in touch with teachers and learn what teachers teach to them. From this point of view, teachers indeed exert great influence on students. However, for those students who have little interest in study or only have interest in one specialized area, they would not be influenced too much by teachers. Besides, we should not neglect the initiative of each students, sometimes they will acquire more on study under their self-study. For example, after entering university, it is our own motivation and initiative that determines how much knowledge we will obtain.



  Describe a small business you would like to operate.

  抽象物品题,未来经历规划。5-8月的题库中曾经出现“Describe a company you want to take part in”; “Describe a creative leader you have ever met”其实谈论的是相关的话题,在这里就能够将相关的素材背景内容加以迁移,将之前客观介绍的信息作为自己主观构想中的内容进行呈现即可。当然也可以结合更加传统的题目 “Describe a restaurant you like.”; “Describe a cafe you like to visit.”; “Describe a shop in your neighborhood.” 等内容.

  Speaking of a small business, well, I have always wanted to own a high quality bespoke cookies shop. It does not have to be a shop. I mean I can sell them through Internet. Anyone who wants these cookies can order them online. And the cookies I make will all be designed by myself. I can do any design or theme and create special shaped and decorated biscuits. For example, if the customer is celebrating a special anniversary, I can make up a box of biscuits in the shape of a heart. If the customer is preparing for a wedding, I could make small biscuits with a personal design, probably the cartoon figures of the groom and bride on them. I can make all kinds of biscuits as they like.

  Making these cookies will not need much space or startup costs. I already have a good oven. Since it is a business about bespoke cookies, I just need to buy raw materials according to their needs, so there won’t be any waste. Besides, I can work flexibly and take time off when I need to. The only problem will be delivery. The cookies could be very fragile so I need to find a trustworthy delivery company to cooperate with.

  Making cookies has long been my hobby and I just love to see the happy faces when my friends receive the cookies I made. I wish I can someday share this happiness with more people.


  What are the required skills for operating a small business.


  Higher level of patience is definitely the top priority for anyone who wants to run a small business since the quality of in-and-after services are greatly measured by the amount of patience the servers and owners possess. Besides, the communicative skills are also greatly demanded since people have to ensure the correct delivery of information as well as to better convince consumers of the quality and necessities of products. What is more, to guarantee the smooth operation of the small business, each business owner should equip themselves with enough knowledge of the financial and economic realm.


  Some people think that the library is a waste of money and the computer technology is replacing its function. To what extent do you agree or disagree?






  以下提供给各位同学主体段的sample answer:

  The prevalence and advancement of cyberspace, admittedly, have already assisted the discovery and sharing of book resources among a wider range of citizens. Through converting the written words into electronic codes, a more diversified classification of books are able to be spread online, which not only benefits people who cannot afford the increasingly expensive prices of books, but also encourages people who used not to read books to form this habit when embracing the specific type of books on the internet. Fromm this perspective, it indeed seems that functions of traditional libraries have been fulfilled by the computers and networks.

  The maintenance of paper resources, however, cannot be efficiently preserved through computer technologies. Millions of books made of paper not only serve as the container of precedent knowledge and insights, but also constitute a huge part of cultural treasure that should be carefully protected by cultural institutions such as the libraries and museums, since some of the books are published in quite limited amount or handwritten by great authors. The virtual online space can play little influence on the protection of those paper books, whereas the professional staff with specialized knowledge on book maintenance can perform this function in a more satisfactory way.

  What is more, not all people can adapt to the habit of online learning, especially for the old and the young, or the people who run mad after the genuine feelings of touching real papers and smelling the printing scents. If eliminating all libraries just because of the convenience provided by electronic devices, people who are not used to using the computer or smart phones would encounter really harsh circumstances in which it is less possible for them to acquire the previously easy access to paper books, thus hindering the development of their reading enthusiasm.