Section 1 新题,题型为表格填空题

  这个部分比较简单,为两个人讨论去 Canada 的 Vancouver 旅行。考察内容是听力5大场景中出题最频繁的旅行题,词汇也很基础,相关旅行场景可以参考剑桥系列C4.2.2;C5.1.1&C7.2.2等

  1-10 completion

  1. Park Inn closing to 哪里 train station

  2. Park Inn 每晚的价格是 $169(含早餐)

  3. 住在这里可以顺便visit science museum

  4.他们计划去mountain biking,找了个旅行社,名字是:[Chilc…回忆不全, 但是拼读得很清楚]

  5. 计划另一项活动是hiking,经过森林能看见什么? [答案待补充,可能为 black bear]

  6. hiking 的时候必须带 boots

  7. hiking 的途中会看见一个古老的 gold mine

  8. tent

  9. extra activity: fishing

  10. 待补充

  Section 2新题,业余活动,地图题6+多选4



  11playground G

  12 massager room E

  13 spa room A

  14 shop H

  15 Gym I

  16 weight room D

  17-20 多选(2/5)

  17&18:以下哪两种会员享有special discount? 答案:family member, off-peak

  19&20:最新办会员卡的人能获得什么礼品? 答案:free massage, heart rate monitor 免费按摩和心率监测器

  Section 3 旧题v09322,学术讨论场景——男女对话讨论关于 Hi-keti, 新西兰怪石雕刻的研究,选择5+配对5


  21-25 multiple choice

  21.Both students agreed with that

  Green stone is too hard to be carved(regularly)

  22. Why few greenstone was foundin archaeological sites

  A ithas few introduction

  B itwas stolen by tomb raider

  C the owner take care of them

  23.New Zealanders used this stone to

  Athe most important art style

  B communicating with their ancestors

  C Maori think it an objectcannot be owned by any person

  24.what is the distinction between two type of Moain hei-m

  Ahead size ratio to other parts

  B*** head type

  C the position of hands to legs

  25.New Mario stone can be recognized because

  Agreenstones’ style

  B regular hole and the cord

  Cstylish ***

  26-30 matching

  Aattaching *** to

  Bpolish stone eyes



  Eform the shape

  Fclean the greenstone

  Gbond it together


  27.stich and string----A

  28.bark----C make it more shining

  29.wax----B make eyes shining Use wax to let itbright

  30stone----G use this tool to connect its head andbody

  Section 4 旧题=12450 学术讨论——食物和儿童健康 填空10题

  这个部分整体不是很难,单词简单,话题性非常强,不是很常见的section4话题,但是是日常生活相关的内容,从理解上来说比较容易。相关食品类题型可以参考C7.4.4Monosodium Glutamate MSG 谷氨酸钠演讲

  31-40Table completion(表格填空)


  31.Survey for ingredients

  32. stored food quality

  33.cookingtemperature changes inaffecting the frozen food

  34.supermarkets use images toattract customers motivation: the source of the information

  36.only concern for sales

  37.for entertainments activitiessuch as food in American market safety and nutrition safetyas in cooking process

  40. healthy choicesdepend on the parents