1、具有别人不可比拟的优势 have an incomparable advantage over others

  2、承担责任 assume one’s responsibility

  3、基础知识 rudimentary knowledge

  4、缺乏自信 lack of confidence

  5、适应 adapt oneself to

  6、头脑简单 simple-minded

  7、拥有明显优势 possess an apparent advantage over

  8、智慧 ability and wisdom

  9、摆脱 get rid of

  10、充分准备 full preparation

  11、感情交流 emotional contact

  12、过去的辉煌和成绩 past glory and achievement

  13、积极参加 active participation

  14、交际能力 social skill

  15、教学设施 teaching facilities

  16、老师和校方领导 school teacher and administrator

  17、强烈的失落感 a strong sense of loss

  18、使熟悉 acquaintoneself with

  19、消除孤独感和不适应感 remove loneliness and disorientation

  20、校方 school authorities

  21、校园活动 campus activity

  22、昂贵的学费 costly tuitionfee

  23、毕生的记忆 lifelong memories

  24、辨明是非 distinguishright from wrong

  25、成就感 a sense of achievement

  26、抵挡住诱惑 resist the temptation

  27、独立思考和学习 independent thinking and learning

  28、高素质、有经验的老师 highly qualified、 well-experienced teaching staff

  29、极大的财富 an immenseasset

  30、尖端科学 advanced science

  31、经济负担 financial burden/ strain

  32、开阔视野 widen one’s horizon/broaden one’s mind

  33、跨文化交际 cross-cultural communication

  34、扩大知识面 broaden one’s scopeof knowledge

  35、全身心投入 be immersed in

  36、人才短缺 shortage of talent

  37、人际交往能力 interpersonalskill

  38、伤感情的 emotionally damaging

  39、适应性强的 be more adaptable

  40、投身于 throw oneself into

  41、脱颖而出 stand out from the crowd

  42、一流的设备 first-rate facilities

  43、易受到社会恶习腐蚀 be vulnerable to social evils

  44、语言障碍 language barrier

  45、增进友谊 promote friendship

  46、明辨虚幻与现实 distinguish between fantasy and reality

  47、不切实际的期望 unrealisticexpectation

  48、道德观 moral value

  49、过多观看电视 excessive viewing of TV

  50、课后活动 after school activity

  51、商业目的 commercial purpose

  52、激发兴趣 stimulate one’s interest

  53、坚强意志 strong will

  54、开发潜能 tap one’s potential

  55、浪费时间的东西 a great waster of time

  56、体育运动 physical exercise

  57、学习成绩 academic performance

  58、影响学习成绩 affect school achievements

  59、充足的教学资源和设施 an ample supply of teaching resources/facilities

  60、高质量的教育 high-qualityeducation

  61、教育革新 educational innovation

  62、接受良好的教育 get a decent education

  63、就业前景 employment prospect

  64、看不起 look down on

  65、落在后面 lag behind

  66、满足不同需求 cater to different needs

  67、实用技能 practical skills

  68、双语教育 bilingualeducation

  69、提高整体教育质量 improve the overall quality of education

  70、团队意识 sense of community、 team spirit

  71、学习环境 a learning environment

  72、政府功能 government function

  73、沉浸于、专心致志 be immersed in

  74、承担责任 bear responsibility

  75、代沟 generation gap

  76、道德指引 moralguidance

  77、全心全意 be devoted to sth. whole-heartedly

  78、生活必需品 necessities of life

  79、同龄人的压力 peer pressure

  80、心理缺陷 psychological defect

  81、性格的形成 building-up of one’s personality

  82、有教养的 well-bred、 well-cultivated

  83、约束自己 restrain oneself

  84、专心致志 take one’s preoccupation with

  85、拜金主义的 money-oriented

  86、不全面的看法 an unbalanced view

  87、发展个人兴趣、发挥个人才干 explore one’s interests and talents

  88、费时的 time-consuming

  89、丰富人生阅历 enrichone’s life experience

  90、负面的榜样 negative role model

  91、积累经验 gain wider experience

  92、激烈的社会竞争 fierce social competition

  93、减轻父母的经济负担 relieve parents’ economic burden

  94、精神受到污染 be morally polluted

  95、觅到待遇优厚的工作 secure a handsomely-paid job

  96、认清职业兴趣和目标 identifyhis/her career interests and goals

  97、适应社会的 socially adaptable

  98、辛苦挣的钱 hard earned money

  99、重视 attach importance on

  100、比较适合的职业 most fitting career

  101、做贡献 make a significant contribution to

  102、做义工 do voluntary work

  103、充分发挥 bring into full play

  104、达到目的 achieve one’s goal

  105、竞争的压力 pressure and stress of competition

  106、就读名牌学校 admission to prestigious school

  107、培养自信 foster confidence

  108、失去兴趣 lose interest in

  109、天生的欲望 a natural desire

  110、相互的帮助和支持 mutual aid and support

  111、永恒的主题 eternal theme

  112、增强我们的自尊心 strengthenour self-esteem

  113、追求卓越 strive for excellence

  114、完善自我 self-improvement

  115、高分低能的人 people with high marks and poor ability

  116、考试技巧 testing technique

  117、入学考试 entrance examination

  118、施加过多压力 exert too much pressure on

  119、丰富知识 enrich one’s knowledge

  120、自控能力 self-control ability

  121、储蓄的概念 concept of saving

  122、腐蚀小孩的思想 corruptchildren’s mind

  123、谨慎于 be cautious about

  124、培养独立精神 cultivate a spirit of independence

  125、设定目标 goal-setting

  126、消费习惯 spending habit

  127、不良的举止 indecent behavior

  128、根深蒂固的 deep-rooted

  129、良性竞争 benign competition

  130、树立好的榜样 set a good example

  131、对…造成心理上的伤害 flict deep psychologicalwounds on

  132、服从纪律 submit to discipline

  133、教训某人 teach sb. a good lesson

  134、出于善意的 well-intentioned

  135、课余辅导 instruction after school

  136、课余时间 after-class time

  137、没教养的 ill-bred

  138、为…负责 be responsible for

  139、专门机构 specialized institution

  140、学习氛围 academic atmosphere

  141、义务教育 compulsory education

  142、无礼和无修养的行为 disrespectful and undisciplined behavior

  143、做出正确判断 make correct judgment

  144、个人得失 personal gains and losses

  145、劳动技能 laboring skill

  146、物质享受 material comfort

  147、安排好时间 budget one’s time

  148、缓解经济压力 ease the financial strain

  149、养成勤俭节约的好习惯 form the good habit of frugality

  150、在学业和工作时间表中找到平衡 balance out your school and work schedules