Part 1 – Vocabulary

  Types of movie

  Thriller,drama, crime, science fiction, historical movie, documentary, cartoon…


  Chatshow, sports programme, quiz show, autobiography, fiction, currents affairs,martial arts movie…

  Describing movies

  Educational,old-fashioned, modern, scary, terrifying, fascinating, amusing, relaxing,boring, exhilarating…

  Variety of media

  Cinema,brochure, television, poster, banner, radio, magazine, internet, newspaper…

  Part 1 – Sample Questions and Answers

  Question 1: How often do you read the newspaper?

  Answer 1:Frequently.I get the newspaper at work, so I read it on almost a daily basis. On theweekends however, I usually read the news online. I visit CCTV news china,which I find very informative.

  Question 2:Which newspapers do you read?

  Answer 2:TheCCTV news and BBC news. I don’t read realistic newspaper. I do it online, withmy iPhone. Cause it’s easy to scroll.

  Question 3:Which kind of article interest you most?

  Answer 3:Thenews about the sport. You know I am a avid outdoor man. So my daily entertainmentis always about the sports.

  Test Tips

  •I was delighted to hear from her.