一.教育 (education)

  学校教育 schooling

  家庭教育upbringing (parenting)


  素质教育quality-oriented education

  小(中、大)学教育primary(secondary, tertiary) education

  男女同校 co-education(segregated education)

  获取知识acquire knowledge

  传授知识 impart( inculcate) knowledge

  灌输高尚的道德观instill high moral values

  教学方法teaching method

  学习成绩academic performance


  学科 discipline


  死记硬背learn things by rote


  塑造性格shape(mould) one’s character

  学生的反馈students’ feedback(input)

  评价老师的教学evaluate teachers’ performance

  理论知识theoretical knowledge

  二.现代科技和大众媒体(modern science and mass media)

  信息时代information age(era)

  不断进步的技术 advancing technology

  跟上科学的发展keep ahead of scientific advances

  获取比较新的信息 acquire the latest messages

  做些厌倦和复杂的工作do some tiring(drudgery)and complicated work

  大众媒体 mass media


  缺乏感情交流 be lack of emotional exchanges


  了解国内外发生的一切learn what is happening at home and abroad

  收视率 audience ratings


  接触不良信息have access to (be exposed to )some negative information

  有误导性的misleading(misrepresented, distorted)

  虚假广告false (cheating) advertising

  掩盖真相mask (cover up, gloss up, whitewash)the truth



  侵犯隐私violate(invade, infringe on, intrude on)one’s privacy

  道德准则code of ethics(conduct)

  三、全球化及影响(globalisation and its effect)

  经济全球化economic globalisation

  文化同一性cultural uniformity

  文化多元化cultural diversity

  文化冲击 cultural shock

  主流文化 dominant culture

  促进文化的融合promote cultural integration

  融入新的文化 merge into new culture

  融入国际贸易participate in the world trade

  相互认同mutual acceptance

  双赢局面win-win situation

  接受不同的文化和价值观embrace different cultures and values

  开拓全球市场explore the global market

  扩大出口expand export

  吸引外资attract foreign capital

  面对面交流face-to-face communication

  友好和好客be friendly and hospitable

  变得西方化become westernised

  加大贫富差距widen the gap between the rich and the poor

  对国内企业构成威胁pose threats to domestic enterprises

  激怒当地人irritate local people

  四、文化与习俗` (culture and customs)

  跨文化交流cross-cultural communication

  传统文化traditional culture

  文化同化cultural assimilation

  文化遗产cultural heritage

  文化习俗的象征 symbol of cultural customs

  接受外来文化embrace exotic culture

  缩短文化差距bridge cultural gaps

  民族特性national identity

  民族自豪感 a sense of national pride

  归属感 a sense of belonging

  相互交流文化exchange mutual culture

  吸取精华,去其糟粕 absorb the essence and discard the dross

  旅游观光的风景区 tourist attraction

  风土人情local customs and practices

  促进当地经济的发展boost the growth of local economy

  和平共处coexist in harmony

  消除偏见和敌意dispel(remove) prejudice and hostility

  展示光辉灿烂的文化和悠久的历史display the brilliant culture and long history

  本土语言indigenous language

  不知不觉地消失fade unconsciously

  五.政府话题 (government)

  有关当局authorities concerned

  政府投资 investment of the government

  减少预算cut budget

  增加税收increase revenues

  消减开支curtail expenditure on

  经济援助financial assistance

  符合公众利益be in keeping(line) with general interest

  社会福利social welfare

  武器arms(weapons, armaments)

  基础设施 infrastructure

  空间探索space exploration

  提高国际地位upgrade the international status

  人道主义援助humanitarian aid

  摆脱贫困get rid of (shake off)poverty

  医疗保健health care system

  健康的生活方式 healthy lifestyle

  公共交通public transport

  丰富人们的精神生活enrich people’s spiritual life

  高尚的精神追求lofty spiritual pursuit

  视觉享受visual enjoyment


  犯罪分子 criminal

  犯罪commit a crime

  滋生犯罪breed crimes

  青少年犯罪率上升 a rising juvenile delinquency rate

  有罪be guilty of

  社会安全和稳定 social security and stability

  暴力和色情violence and pornography

  抵挡不住诱惑 fail to resist the lure

  误入歧途 go astray (lead somebody astray)

  惩罚give punishment

  关进监狱put into prison

  宠爱孩子spoil the child

  家长的溺爱parental permissiveness (excessive care)

  单亲家庭single-parent family

  家庭暴力 domestic violence

  缺乏家庭关爱the lack of parental love

  监护人 guardian (supervisor, custodian)

  监管不严slack supervision

  分辨是非distinguish right from wrong

  净化社会环境purify the social environment



  保持生态平衡 maintain the ecological balance

  保护濒危的动物物种preserve endangered animal species

  营养物 nutrient(nourishment)

  均衡饮食a balanced diet

  拿动物做实验perform experiments on animals (subject animals to experimentation)


  逃脱不了被残杀的厄运cannot escape the adversity of being killed

  剥夺动物的生存权利deprive the survival(existent) rights of animals

  染上传染病 contract (catch)some infectious disease

  电脑模拟computer simulation

  破坏自然环境(平衡)destroy(disrupt) natural environment (balance)

  濒临灭绝 border on extinction,be in imminent danger of extinction(dying out), be on the verge of extinction

  满足人们的胃口satisfy people’s appetite

  素食主义者vegetarian, antivivisectionist

  陪伴某人 keep somebody company

  忠实和温顺的伴侣 loyal and obedient companion

  消除孤独dispel (reduce)one’s loneliness

  孩子的替代surrogate(substitute)for children


  八、环境保护 (environmental protection)

  环境污染environmental pollution

  污染严重 highly polluted

  有毒的烟雾poisonous smoke

  废气(液)waste gas(liquid)

  二氧化碳carbon dioxide

  倒垃圾dump rubbish

  乱扔垃圾litter rubbish everywhere

  浪费自然资源squander natural resource

  不卫生的做法 unsanitary practice

  无污染的燃料pollution-free fuel

  回收垃圾recycle rubbish

  垃圾的处理disposal of rubbish

  自然进化过程a natural evolutionary process

  适者生存survival of the fittest

  毁林 deforestation

  不可弥补的损失irreparable damage

  生态灾祸ecological disaster

  自然选择natural selection

  水资源缺乏water shortage, the scarcity of water resource in need of water water waste ( resources, pollution)

  节约用水save (economise)water


  1.男女平等gender equality (equality between the sexes)

  男女生来就平等men and woman are born equal

  男女搭配,干活不累when men and woman work together, neither of them will feel tired

  性别(公开)歧视sexual (overt)discrimination

  离婚率divorce rate

  经济独立 be financially independent

  享受平等的权利enjoy(share) equal rights

  女性擅长护理,艺术和语言show more talents than men in nursing, arts and language There is no need for them to get super well-groomed

  追求事业pursue a career

  具有同样资格be equally qualified

  与男性享有同样的权利 share the same right as men

  特权 privilege


  为妇女保留高水平工作比例reserve a percentage of high-level jobs for females


  高工资high salary differential between salaries

  拥有财富的量owe the amount of monetary wealth

  对做出很大贡献make great contributions to

  付出更多的努力exert more efforts than

  创造财富create wealth

  评价社会地位value social status

  十、社会生活(social life)

  人才流动personnel flow

  雄心壮志的be ambitious(aspirant)

  展示才能display one’s talent

  学会竞争与合作learn to compete and cooperate

  人际交往技能interpersonal skills

  具有挑战性的工作a challenging job

  收入颇丰a fat salary

  丰富一个人的社会经历 enrich one’s social experience

  展示一个人的才能display one’s talent

  提高某人能力improve one’s capabilities

  下岗lay off

  城市扩张urban sprawl

  涌进大城市flood into large cities

  监控摄像头surveillance camera

  缓解交通压力ease the traffic pressure

  人口激增population explosion

  第三产业tertiary industry

  更好的医疗服务better medical services

  保持身体健康keep physical fitness

  积极参加体育锻炼 be physically active(take an active part in physical exercises)