Part 1 Opinion Essay

  观察观点类题目的特征,我们不难发现,此类题型的特征是题目有且只有一个观点。而题目要求我们回答的是“同意”或“不同意”的观点。所以只要确定好自己的观点,开头段就可以写出来。 例如:

  Some people believe that living in big cities is bad for health.

  Do you agree or disagree?


  These days, it is quite common to see that a growing number of people choose to settle down in large cities. (背景句) But some people argue that leading an urban life would produce negative influences on people’s health. (直接转述题目) Personally, I agree with this idea. (个人观点)


  These days, it is quite common to see that a growing number of people choose to settle down in large cities. (背景句) Although some people argue that leading an urban life would produce negative influences on people’s health, (although +直接转述题目) personally, I do not agree with this idea. (个人观点)

  Part 2 Discussion Essay

  观察讨论类的题目,可以发现,这样的题目会有两个观点,并且题目要求“讨论双方观点”和“给出自己的观点”。这样的题目中,其实只用在开头段中写出背景句和转述双方观点就好了,至于个人的观点,可以放到personal idea的段落中。如:

  Some people think citizens should be responsible for their own health costs. Others think it is better to have a health care system which provides free health services.

  Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


  People in some countries are paying an increasing amount of money for seeing a doctor, even for a minor illness. (背景句) But, still, some people assert that individuals themselves are supposed to pay for such fees. (一方观点) However, other people disagree and suggest that it is the government’s responsibility to undertake the health costs for its citizens. (另一方观点)

  Part 3 Advantages & Disadvantage Essay


  Shopping online is replacing shopping in stores.

  Do the advantages outweigh its disadvantages?


  These days, it is common to see that people prefer choosing online shopping to shopping in physical stores. Although some problems would occur as this trend continues, I believe such development brings more benefits.

  Part 4 Report


  In many parts of the world, children and teenagers are committing more crimes.

  Why is this happening?

  What are the possible solutions to solve this problem?


  These days, it is common to see that the rate of youth crime has been increasing dramatically all over the globe and it is a most worrying issue of modern society.



  首先It is quite common these days.介绍背景,或者用The issue of ... is a complex and sensitive one。这样的句型来引出有争议话题,然后千篇一律地分别介绍对立双方观点,如Some individuals believe that..., while others hold the view that....最终用Personally, I agree with....至此,内容上完美无瑕,但恐怕考官心中已经大大打下“模板”两个字的烙印,这无疑对于想取得6分及以上的同学最不利的事情。我们到底应该如何突破“模板病”。


  These day there is a growing tendency for college students to have difficulties in finding jobs when they graduate.(介绍背景)A large number of people hold the opinion that lack of practical knowledge, among other things, contributes to this situation. In light of this, they contend that college teachers should lay more stress on practical courses than on traditional ones. (引出有争议的话题,并阐述大多数人的观点)For my part, I am in favour of their viewpoint。(作者观点)



  How to handle criminals is a problem that all countries and societies face。(引出有争议的话题)Traditionally, the approach has been to punish them by placing them in prisons to pay for what they have done. Some, however, advocate for trying to make them better with training and education and it seems they may have a good point.