然后,雅思写作怎么举例?小编区分两类:有形的举例和无形的举例。有形的举例就是用一些for instance, for example, a case in point is、、、这样的狗血连接词来举例,通常显得生硬,但很明晰;无形的举例就是把例子自然地融入到上下文中,虽然没有连接词,却胜似有连接词,这样的举例就像武功高手,收放自如,举重若轻,却显得优雅,有格调。




  Take… for example、以……为例

  To see this more clearly, let’s take…as an illustration、为看得更清楚,我们举……为证

  A (good) case in point is… 一个恰当的例子是……

  Perhaps the most well-known (/interesting) example is… 也许最为人所知(重要/有说服力/有趣)的例子是……

  …is frequently quoted (/cited/taken) as an illustration of… 人们经常举……来证明……

  There is abundant evidence to support…有足够的证据支持……

  The latest survey(/studies) conducted by…indicates (reveals/shows/) that…最近由……进行的调查(民意测验/研究)表明……


  (1) Hard work is more important than the innate talent、 For example, my friend John is a great piano player though he is not really gifted, because he practices playing piano almost every day、


  (2) One benefit machines have brought to us is that it saves us huge amount of time、 In the case of making a pair of shoes, almost 70% of manufacturing time could be reduced if it were mass-produced according to some research findings、



  More significantly, living with people of different ethnic groups will enable us to become more understanding and tolerant, which is, of course, very important to a peaceful world、 In my neighborhood, for example, there are people from China, India and Africa、 During Chinese New Year Holidays, we invite our Indian and African friends to our house and show them how Chinese people spend their Spring Festival、 Our Indian neighbors teach us how to play cricket, which is their national sports and African friends show us the beautiful dances particular to their culture、 In this way, we share what we have and learn what we do not, and our neighborhood is always happy and full of joy、

  On the one hand, many people hold the opinion that health care should be free、 They argue that, if the health care is free, people will not have to worry about the expensive health care expenses、 This is particularly important for those economically underpriviledged、 With free health care, they can go to hospital whenever they find there is anything wrong with their health without worrying about money、 This will, of course, enhance their sense of well-being and the entire society will become much more harmonious、My uncle is a good example、 He developed T、B、 when he was at his 50s、 He would be dead now but for the free health care policy practiced in the region where he lives、 Now he and his family are very much grateful to the local government and would do everything for it、




  策略3:一般用1句,也可用1短句 +1长句的组合


  It is generally believed that the Internet is an excellent means of communication but some people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information、 Discuss both these views and give your own opinion、


  Some students use websites which offer ready-made assignments、 This is not a good idea, even if you ignore the fact that it is cheating, because such websites may contain factual errors or biased views、 In a recent case, a student found herself in serious trouble when she submitted an essay from one of these sites only to discover that it was about Austria, not Australia, but had an error in the title、


  这里需要论证网络上获取的信息可能不准确。怎么论证?举例。怎么举例?一位同学惹上了麻烦,为什么呢?因为她从网站上弄了一篇文章,然后提交给了老师,却发现,这文章标题弄错了,不是奥地利,而不是澳大利亚。看!这个例子中内容多么丰富,多么具体。原文用in a recent case (=for example)引导出一个长例子。如果我们这样来写这个例子,各位看看差距在哪里?

  For example, a student got an essay from one website and submitted it to the professor、 Then she discovered that it had an error in the title、 It was about Austria, not Australia、 The student found herself in serious trouble、

  信息与原文完全一致,但这里众多分散的短句给人的感觉就不是在举例来说明前面的论点,而是在为讲述这个例子本身了。接下来,小编从他的海量阅读中摘取两段,看看英美最新的报刊中,别人是怎么举例的。小编认为,长期阅读英美报刊,从中积累材料,然后用于写作,这才是真正的学习雅思,学习英语。依靠记模板来学习雅思写作是没有太大出路的。第一段来自英国著名的 BBC,2014年5月28日:

  Sometimes the most talented person can make for(走向;成为)one of the most ineffective managers、 You can see this in sports, for example, where retired superstars often find it difficult to coach or manage successfully because they are now supervising lesser mortals that weren’t blessed with the same degree of innate talent、

  (BBC May 28, 2014)


  Sometimes young people can do a better job than their older counterparts in leading a team forward、 You can see this in IT sector, for example, where the old people often find it impossible to head a team because their past experience and expertise fall out too soon to be useful any more、

  这里要论证,年轻人比老年人更适合带领团队。举例是IT业。第二段来自美国Chicago Tribune 2015年8月18日:

  We need an authoritative voice telling people to take breaks in your days, to slow down、 I remember I met once with a young person, 21 years old, who said every time she tried to study or focus she would find herself staring at the clouds and trees、 Later I found she did not have any disorder; what she really needed was nothing else but a break、

  ( Chicago Tribune, August 18, 2015)




  The situation would be better if people really tried their best to save the creature、 Panda is a good example、 Panda is a typical endangered animal which only lives in China、 The number of Panda used to be less than 200、 Nevertheless, the lovely appearance of panda attract the world’s attention、 It is favoured by people all over the world、 Finally, though it is still endangered, the number of panda grows to 1000、 According to these, it is obvious that the situation can be changed、



  Panda is a good example、 As an endangered species found only in China, the number of Panda has grown from 200 a decade ago to 1000, thanks to the protection from people all over the world attracted by their lovely appearance、