A recent study conducted by Zhongshan University has found that the numberof smokers has been increasing sharply over the pastfive years. Researchfindings also reveal that the incidence of smoking-related conditions hassoared. As a result, the ban on smoking has been in the spotlight.



  例如在写到警察是否应该持枪这篇文章时作者说:   If police in the U.K. are able to go without guns and not have crimegetting completely out of control then they have already set a fine example thatother countries should follow. The fact that they are able to do this is anindication of their ability to control the flow of guns to the general populaceand this makes citizens safer than anything else. To a civilian, taking gunsaway from criminals is more important than giving them to police.



  例如在写关于体罚的话题文章时,采用这样一个开头:   It is reported that a boy in Zhuhai was beaten to death by his father onFather' Day. Ample evidence also shows that children who are frequently abusedby their parents or teachers tend to be introverted, pessimistic, indifferentand even world-weary. Recently, there has arisen a fierce argument on whethercorporal punishment should be abolished. Teachers, parents and experts takediverse attitudes towards this issue.





  At the mere mention of women governing the world, most of us may naturallyform an unrealistic picture of a more peaceful world where the sun alwaysshines. The other side of the picture, however, is just to the opposite.



  例如在写到先天跟后天哪一个更重要时,“Genius is two percent inspiration and ninety-eightpercent perspiration” is the opinion held by Edison. This remark has beenconfirmed time and again by more and more people.




  Globalization-the international spread of products, ideas andinformation-is bringing the world closer together. But globalization is not anew concept. For thousands of years, nations have roamed the earth in search ofnew markets and new sources of raw materials for their own industries.




  There are social, medical andtechnical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What forms do theytake? Do you agree that the problems outweigh the benefits of mobilephone?

  这个题目中给出的话题是mobile phone,所以考生可以从它产生的原因来考虑,就是科技的繁荣,而科技的繁荣,手机的广泛使用是在20世纪末,这样背景句就有内容可写了。当然要通过相应的句型来写,这个背景句就可以写成:

  The late 20th century witnessed the boom of science and technology, whichgave rise to a series of technological innovations, including the mobilephone.

  再比如另外一道题目:Nowadays, some universities offer students skills that assist them to findemployment, but some people believe that the main function of a universityshould be to provide students with access to knowledge for its sake. What isyour opinion?


  As job-hunting has become one of the main purposes of universityeducation,the majority of the universities tend to offer vocational trainings toprepare the students for their future career.




  Nowadays, people are facing more and more work-related stress. State thepossible reasons for this phenomenon and make some recommendations about how tocombat it.

  本题的话题关于压力,那考生可从当前社会现象来考虑这个问题,考生不难想出当下对压力这一现象的情况,即很多人都在承受着或多或少的压力。可用it isgenerally believed that … 形式主语的句型。


  It is generally believed that white-collar as well as blue-collarsworkers are suffering from psychological and physical stress stemming fromwork.


  Environmental problem is too big for individual countries and individualpeople to address. In other words, we have reached the stage where the only wayto protect the environment is at an international level. To what extent do youagree or disagree with this statement?

  本题话题为环境问题,考生也可用重述法对当前环境问题进行重述,这时,可以用In modern society/ At present,等表时间的介词短语来引导一个叙述句型。


  In modern society, environment related issues have confronted ecologicalscientists, government agencies and the general public.




  The main purpose of public libraries is to provide books and they shouldnot waste their limited resources and space on providing expensive hi-tech mediasuch as computer software, videos and DVDs. To what extent do you agree ordisagree with this statement?

  本题中的话题词为图书馆,可以解释的词也是图书馆比较方便容易。那么到底怎样解释呢,比如说图书馆在传统意义上来看,是收藏书的地方,而现在因为科技发展,使得图书馆的意义发生改变,从而引出话题。这里同样可以用形式主语:  It is generally believed that public libraries are places with a largecollection of books; however, the digital time has given .it a new means ofstoring and retrieving information.