1、offer sb an incentive to do 激励某人做某事

  * Sure, a higher salary can offer more talented people an incentive to take teaching as a profession. 当然,高薪能激励更多人才选择做老师。

  2、 one of a kind 独一无二

  *Be confident when you apply for a job; you have to believe you are one of a kind and you can make a contribution. 应聘时一定要自信,你要相信你是独一无二的,一定会为他们做出贡献。

  3、there’s no sense in doing 没意义/没道理做某事

  *Since the test is over, there’s no sense in regretting about wrong answers. 都考完了,就别再悔憾答错的题了。

  4、miss out on sth 错失...失去…

  *Employees should be brought into the decision-making process, otherwise the company will miss out on new thoughts and novel ideas.下属应该参与决策的过程,否则公司就会错失很多新颖的想法。

  5、all walks of life 各行各业

  *Innovation is a quality required in all walks of life.各行各业都需要创新。

  6、be a huge factor in determining ... 对…起着决定性作用= be a decisive/determining factor

  *To pursue a hobby outside work, disposable time and money can be a decisive factor. 为了在工作外追求一个爱好,有钱和时间起着决定性作用。

  7、in full swing 活跃,全力进行中

  *This year the parties are in full swing.今年的聚会如火如荼的进行着。

  举一反三你也可以说campaign/learning/social activity is in full swing.

  8、at the cost of … 以…为代价

  *We shouldn’t enjoy an economic boom at the cost of environment. 我们不能为了经济发展而牺牲环境。

  9、fall short of 缺乏

  *Distance education falls short of proper guidance and supervision.远程教学缺乏足够的指导和监督。

  10、on the verge of 濒临于,接近于

  *Before you know it, your productivity is waning, you feel tired more easily and you are on the verge of breakdown. 在你意识到之前,效率在骤降,你容易感到劳累并且濒临崩溃的边缘。

  11、do more harm than good 弊大于利 v.

  *For someone who lacks self control and discipline, Internet may actually do more harm than good.对于没有自制力和自控力的人而言,互联网或许会弊大于利。

  12、in exchange for …以…作为交换

  *Professional athletes deserve the high salary they receive because it’s just the compensation in exchange for putting thire body through so much. 专业运动员值得高薪,因为这是他们身体经受磨练的补偿。

  13、burn out 精疲力竭 v.

  *Young people juggling school and work can easily burn out.年轻人如果兼顾学习和工作很容易精疲力竭。

  14、build up 聚积,逐渐增强 v.

  *You should learn to release stress and build up confidence when preparing for finals. 在为期末准备时,你需要减轻压力并且建立自信。

  15、be stuck in 被困于... v.

  *If you dwell on how things may go wrong, then you’d be stuck in such negativity and end up with nothing done by the end of the day. 如果你老想着事情会变得怎么不好,那么你很可能被困于消极的情绪并且这一天最终什么都做不成。

  16、be stressed out 压力大的 adj.

  *Naturally, body weight exercises can be good for you. But working out too intensely will stress you out/ will make you stressed out. 当然,自重训练对你很好。但是如果锻炼得过于剧烈,也会使你压力大。

  17、show promise in… 在...方面显示出很有前途

  *The scholarship is offered to those who show great promise in their respective fields.奖学金是提供给那些在自己的领域方面显示出很有前途的人。

  18、draw on 吸取,借鉴,利用

  *In every discipline, creativity also draws on skill, knowledge and control. 在每个学科中,创新同样要利用技术、知识和管理力。

  19、be caught up in 卷入,陷入,沉浸在

  *As long as you are alive and on earth, you are caught up in a global revolution. 当你活在地球上,你就被卷入了全球革命。

  20、put a strain on… 对…形成/施加压力

  *Technological innovation and population growth are putting a vast strain on the Earth’s natural resources. 科技创新和人口增长对地球生态资源施加了巨大压力。

  21、keep track of 记录,记下/ lose track of 忘记,记不清

  *As you grow older, you may lose track of time and of things that happened in the past. But a photo album can do the trick and help you keep track. 当你老去,你会忘记以前度过的美好时光和发生过的事,但是相册可以做到帮你记录。

  22、build a habit 形成一种习惯

  *Ten expressions a day; you build a learning habit that can get you a long way. 每天重复十遍,你会形成好的学习习惯并受益终生。

  23、take one’s mind off sth. 放松一下,不去想…

  *The act of learning takes our mind off our problems. 用学习的行动可以让我们不去想那些烦恼。

  24、rise above 克服

  *Successful men have the capacity to rise above challenges and obstacles in life. 成功人士有克服挑战和困难的能力。(capacity-ability; people-men)

  25、conform to 遵守,符合

  *Everyone has to conform to the company’s dressing code rules about what you can wear.每个人都必须遵守公司的着装规定。

  26、be conducive to 有利于,有助于

  *Exercising regularly can be conducive to a balanced life. 规律运动有利于健康平衡的生活。

  27、devote to sth 致力于,奉献=commit oneself to sth=be dedicated to

  *In a test-oriented education system,teachers tend to devote more time to preparing students for scoring high in tests. 在应试教育体系中,老师们倾向于投入更多的时间在学生的高分上。

  28、a state of mind 心态

  *Instead of being in a stressful task-switching state of mind,you should let everything else go and just focus on this one task in the moment. 与其处于一种有压力的工作切换状态中,你应该排除杂念,眼下只专注于一个任务。

  29、steer away from 避开

  *Generations of young people have been steered away from the arts with benign advice about poor job prospects. 年轻一代听取了关于艺术行业不乐观的职业前景的善意建议而避开了它。

  *You should try to steer away from trouble.你应该试着避开麻烦。

  30、be wary of 警惕

  *In a rapidly changing environment employers constantly fear that their best talent will be poached by other companies. They are wary of investing in developing their own talent since they fear it will primarily benefit their competitors. 在一个频繁变动的环境中,雇主常常担心他们最好的点子被其他公司剽窃。他们投资开发自己的点子的时候总是很警觉,因为他们害怕这个点子会使他们的对手受益。