Describe a law

  You should say:

  What is it?

  How did you know it?

  Whom does it affect?

  Why do you think it is good?



  你可以按照cue card(就是examiner在part2时跟你的那张纸)的问题来回答:what呀how呀who呀why呀的;你也可以按照自己的逻辑来答,比如current situation, reason, your feeling都可以(总之大家灵活一点)。

  1. What is it?

  Drug prohibition law/ Narcotics Control(禁毒条令)

  2. How did you know it?


  It's probably known by all because of the media report and propaganda(媒体的报道及宣传).


  I got to know this because recently I've heard a piece of news that a super influential(有影响力的) celebrity in China who just broke the law and was put into prison by illegally using drugs.

  NOTICE: 这里要注意使用过去时态,一般过去啊(did),过去进行啊(was/were doing),过去完成啊(had done)。比如:

  There's one day when I was doing laundry(洗衣服, 不要用wash clothes哦) in the dorm(宿舍, =dormitry), my roomie suddenly broke in(突然闯入) and gossiped about a Hollywood star who had been arrested(被逮捕) for drug abuse(毒品滥用)...

  3. Whom does it affect?

  Basically every one of us. Some may think that this is far away from their lives, but actually nobody can be totally detached(超然世外). What if someone tries to put drugs into your drinks? What if you have some drugs unintentionally(无意识地) when you have fun in some pubs?

  4. Why do you think it is good?



  Drugs are a worldwide public hazard(危害) confronting the whole of mankind(人类所面临的). Drugs harm peoples health, give rise to(导致,造成) corruption(腐败) and crimes, endanger(危及) national security and world peace. Espeacially for adolenscents(青少年), they have limited ability to distinguish(辨别) between right and wrong so that they have great potential(很有可能) to be addicted to(对...上瘾) drugs. Therefore, the enforcement(执行,推行) of Drug Prohibition Law is quite indispensable(绝对有必要的). It can not only safeguard(保卫) citizens(公民)' lives, but protect the people‘s subsistence(生存) and development.


  •如果你觉得“呀,说这些还是很难”,那你就举例讲故事吧,比如某些rappers(说唱歌手)觉得吸大麻(marijuana/weed/dope)很正常啊很酷啊,国外都合法化了(legalized),甚至把它们写进了歌词(write into lyrics)。不过,这毕竟是在国内,而且很多小盆友们思想还不成熟(immature),很容易受到不好的影响。还好后来被绳之以法(be imprisoned/be in jail/be put into prison),起到了很好的教育意义。这个法律也提高了人们的法律意识(arouse the consciousness of the general public)。

  我大概给了你们一些思路及表达,但是你们还需要用自己的语言polish(润色)一下,加个开头(Today the law I want to talk about is...),加些linking words(连接词)(as for.../regarding/Next, I'd like to mention that...),加一些自己的想法(你还想说的其他的关于这个法律的东西,比如该法律的施行效果啊你的亲身经历啊都可以),加个结尾(或者给一句话That's all what I want to say也行)。总之呢,自己下去整理一下,掐着2分钟的时间,顺一遍,毕竟,老话嘛,practice makes it perfect.