1. What kinds of music are suitable for children? Why?


  reason:这样的旋律学起来很容易,也让孩子们开心(cheer them up),他们可以快乐地跟着音乐唱跳(sing/dance to the music)

  example:Gangnam Style是韩国流行音乐(K-Pop),歌词也听不懂,可是孩子也喜欢,就因为其旋律很好被孩子接受(well-received among children)


  reason:歌词很生动(vivid),有画面感(have pictures/images in mind),更容易吸引孩子们的注意力(draw their attention),并引起他们共鸣(relate to)


  sample answer:

  Well, I’m no expert on this, but I suppose one of the most important thing is the melody should be upbeat and catchy. Kids are always happy, so naturally they’d love music that cheers them up. On top of that, most children can’t handle complicated melody, what they need is something simple and memorable, so they can sing and dance to it easily and happily. Another thing I guess is the lyrics should be about subjects children can relate to. For example, the little ones normally adore songs about animals.


  I’m no expert on this. 我并非这方面的专家

  2. Do you think people’s tastes in music will change as they get older?


  reason:人的一生有机会接触到(get exposed to)不同的音乐类型(music genres),然后就会喜欢上(fall in love with)一种新的音乐;又或者是跟个性特点(characteristics/personal traits)有关,年轻人精力充沛(energetic/enthusiastic),喜欢追求刺激(look for thrill/excitement),因此更容易跟动感的(dynamic)流行音乐产生共鸣,而随着年纪和经历(life experience)的增长,很多人的个性变得温和沉稳(calm),这样的心态更容易接受古典音乐(classical music)或者交响乐(symphony)这样的类型

  example:很多人年轻的时候痴迷于(be crazy about)摇滚乐(rock music),觉得非常热血沸腾(thrilling/energizing),然而等年纪增长以后就失去兴趣,觉得这种类型太嘈杂(noisy),甚至听了身体都会不舒服


  reason:因为热爱,人们对于一种事物的热情不会衰减(the passion never fades)

  example:我的伯伯是个死忠的爵士粉(a diehard Jazz fan)

  sample answer:

  Well, I think my answer is yes and no. On the one hand, people have lots of chances to get exposed to different types of music at different stages of life, so it’s very likely that they will find something that fascinates them, and their tastes in music will change. On the other hand, people just love what they liked in their youth, and his/her passion for a certain genre just never fades. Take my uncle for example, he’s been a diehard Jazz fan all his life. He just can’t get enough of it.

  3. Has Chinese music been influenced by western music?

  肯定有影响(definitely/absolutely)-全球化(globalization)不断推进,加之网络的推波助澜(with the help of the internet),我国人民可以与世界人民同步(keep up with the global trend),有机会听到来自西方的音乐,影响是难以避免(inevitable)的,尤其是流行音乐-西方国家有很多才华横溢的(talented/gifted)音乐人,他们激励了(inspire)我国的音乐人,同时西方音乐在音乐类型,创意(creativity/innovation),技术(techniques)等各方面都有很多值得我们学习的地方-当前国内的流行音乐深受西方影响(have a big impact on),有很多西方音乐的元素(element),比如像是饶舌(rap)。

  sample answer:

  Yeah, definitely! It’s almost impossible to not get influenced, thanks to globalization, and I think it’s fair to say that pop music in particular has learned the most from western music. There are so many truly talented musicians in western countries, and they have inspired Chinese musicians tremendously. Nowadays you can see lots of western elements added into our pop songs. For example, rap is all the age these days in my country, and the younger generation just love it. They think it’s cool and fun.


  all the rage,大行其道,很受欢迎

  4. Shopping malls and shops often play background music. Can you suggest why they do that?

  这是重要的营销手段(marketing tool),而且非常有效(effective)-音乐是很有力量的(powerful and magical),可以影响人们的心情(have an effect on/affect people’ mood)-像是快节奏歌曲(fast-tempo songs)能让人振作起精神(lift someone’s spirit),甚至听到以后会开心起来(put someone in a good mood)-音乐营造了(create)很好的一个氛围(an inviting atmosphere),顾客在店里会感到放松(chilled out)快乐-这样的心态下, 人们就更愿意(be willing to do)呆在店里,多试(try out)几套衣服(outfits)然后买走(pay for)

  sample answer:

  The way I see it, it’s just one of the marketing tools that business people use to boost sales, and I must say it’s pretty effective. We all know that music is powerful and magical. For instance, fast-tempo music has the ability to lift our spirits and put us in a very good mood. I mean, the music creates an inviting atmosphere in the malls or shops, which makes customers feel chilled out and happy. Then people are willing to stay for a little bit longer, try out different outfits and then pay for them eventually.