1. 有害的 detrimental

  2. 有助于 contribute (much/sub) to

  3. 税收 tax revenue

  4. 过分强调 lay too much emphasis on

  5. 夸张的 exaggerate

  6. 适度吸烟 smoke in moderation

  7. 做巨大贡献 make a large contribution to

  8. 致命的疾病 fatal diseases

  9. 率先发起禁烟运动 take the lead in campaigns to eliminate smoking by doing sth

  10. 制定制度 issue regulation

  11. 禁烟运动 antismoking drive

  12. 健康威胁 health hazard

  13. 放弃自由 surrender freedom

  14. 基础设施建设 the construction of infrastructure

  15. 投资 invest in/allocate money to /fund/sponsor/give financial support

  16. 培养对艺术的更高品味 cultivate a better taste for arts

  17. 增强对美的敏感度 enhance the sensitivity to beauty

  18. 丰富精神生活 enrich spiritual life

  19. 提高素质 upgrade quality

  20. 潜在利益 potentially profitable

  21. 提高生活水平 improve living standard

  22. 优先考虑 give priority to

  23. 这是短视/明智的 it is shortsighted/sagacious to do

  24. 预算有限 limited budget

  25. 给与 render

  26. 培养人们的审美天赋 cultivate aesthetic talents

  27. 互补的 be complementary to

  28. 承担责任 take/shoulder responsibility to do=be responsible for

  29. 民主的政府 a democratic government

  30. 属于基本的权利范畴 fall into the ring of fundamental/rudimentary interest/benefit

  31. 巨大压力和不安全感 tremendous pressure and insecurity

  32. 从长远利益看 in the long run

  33. 缩水 shrink


  环境类话题也是高频写作话题,话题包括个人是否要保护环境,例如:Some think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve, while others think the problems cannot be solved unless individuals take some action. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  政府,公司,个人,谁负责任?例如:The environmental problem in the world cannot be solved by ordinary people, and governments and large companies should be responsible for the problem.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  不保护的原因及措施,例如:Many people think it is very important to protect the environment but they make no effort to do it themselves.Why is the case? What actions can be done to encourage individuals to protect the individual?


  1. sustainable development 可持续发展

  2. exploit natural resources 开采自然资源

  3. the ecosystem 生态系统

  4. discharge/release vt.排放(污染物)

  5. contamination n.污染物

  6. low carbon 低碳

  7. environmental protection 环境保护

  8. greenhouse effect 温室效应

  9. toxic a.有毒的

  10. Environment is the foundation upon which the development of human civilization depends.环境是人类文明发展的基础

  11. as environment continuously deteriorates 随着环境的持续恶化

  12. industrial waste 工业废料

  13. the chief culprit 罪魁祸首

  14. suffer from respiratory diseases 患上呼吸疾病

  15. provide medical subsidies 提供医疗补助

  16. be confronted with dire challenges 面临严峻的挑战

  17. unlimited discharge of pollutants 无限制的污染物的排放

  18. introduce laws and policies 推出法律和政策

  19. require public cooperation 需要公共合作

  20. echo the policy 呼应政策

  21. rapid depletion 快速的消耗

  22. take a pessimistic view 采取消极态度

  23. penalty 惩罚

  24. incentive 奖励机制

  25. disposable 一次性的

  26. environmentally friendly 环保的

  27. exhaust emission 废气排放

  28. enact laws and regulations 颁布法律法规

  29. levy heavy tax on 对…征收重税

  30. publicize 宣传

  31. controversial issue 有争议的问题

  32. be disposed of 去除,处理

  33. dilemma 进退两难的局面




  1.urbanization 城市化

  2.centralization 集中化

  3.imbalance 不平衡

  4.in the long run 从长远角度而言

  5.infrastructure 基础设施

  6.booming 繁荣发展的

  7.tertiary industry 第三产业

  8.tranquility 宁静

  9.revenue 税收

  10.commercialization 商业化

  11.traffic congestion 交通拥挤

  12.water scarcity 水短缺

  13.the environmental pollution 环境污染

  14.over-industrialization 过度工业化

  15.over-crowdedness 过度拥挤

  16.unemployment 失业

  17.wealth distribution 财富分配

  18.social instability 社会动荡

  19.urban construction 城市建设

  20.population explosion 人口激增

  21.a rising crime rate 犯罪率上升

  22.drain of energy and resources 能源和资源消耗

  23.offer more job opportunities 提供更多的就业机会

  24.a rapid pace of life 快节奏生活

  25.stress-related illnesses 与压力有关的疾病

  26.high cost of living 高额生活费用

  27.pastoral life 田园生活

  28.class polarization 阶级两极分化

  29.social welfare 社会福利

  30.give special care to...给予……特殊关照

  31.urban sprawl 城市扩张

  32.convenient transportation means 便捷的交通工具

  33.better medical services 更好的医疗服务

  34.pressure of modern life in city 城市生活压力

  35.be vulnerable to...易于患上……

  36.melting pot 熔炉

  37.on the brink of...处于……边缘

  38.pollutant 污染性物质

  39.waste disposal 废物处理

  40.put the blame on...归咎于……

  41.be attributable to...归因于……

  42.ways of consumption 消费方式

  43.suffer heavy losses 遭受重大损失

  44.citizen 居民

  45.be confronted with...面临着……

  46.breed crimes 滋生犯罪

  47.vicious cycle 恶性循环

  48.a feasible measure 一种可行的措施

  49.give priority to...优先考虑……

  50.city planners 城市规划者

  51.endanger social stability and safety 危害社会稳定和安全

  52.save resource 节省资源

  53.flourishing 繁荣昌盛的

  54.speed up 加速

  55.relieve the pressure of...缓解……的压力

  56.advocate the management of resources 倡导资源管理

  57.benefit from 从中受益

  58.put forward valuable suggestions 提出宝贵建议

  59.play a major role in easing traffic 在缓解交通压力上扮演了重要角色

  60.participate in the reconstruction of the city 参与城市重建

  61.raise the environmental management level 提高环境管理水平

  62.create a pleasant ecological environment 创造一种和谐的生态环境

  63.give priority to 优先关注

  64.catch much attention 引起很大关注

  65.resource allocation 资源配置

  66.perfect the construction of urban infrastructure 完善城市基础设施建设

  67.reduce the number of vehicles 减少车辆

  68.implement strict vehicle emission standards 制定严格的汽车排放标准

  69.reduce waste 减少浪费

  70.eliminate poverty and backwardness 消除贫穷与落后

  71.prevent and control pollution 预防和控制污染

  72.reinforce the conservation of water and soil 加强水土保护

  73.keep ecological balance 维护生态平衡

  74.adopt environmental protection technique 采取环保技术

  75.create a healthy cultural environment 创造出一种更加健康的文化氛围

  76.strengthen the regulation and monitoring 加强监督和管理

  77.enhance the governmental intrusion 加大政府干预性措施

  78.promote legislative regulations 促进立法管理

  79.establish and perfect the social security system 建立和完善社会的安全体系

  80.give special care to 给某人或某物特别的关照

  81.map out (work out) a blueprint of ...制定出……的发展蓝图

  82.impose some restrictions on 对……实施限制

  83.increase the inputs in...加大对……的投入

  84.arouse people’s awareness of 唤醒人们的……意识

  85.take some preventive (remedial) measures 采取一些预防(补救)措施

  86.enforce on-the-spot penalties 采取立即惩罚性措施

  87.play the role of media 充分发挥媒体的作用

  88.take proper guidance and support 采取恰当的引导和支持

  89.impose heavier penalty on 对……实施严格的惩罚

  90.set down effective laws 制定积极有效的法律

  91.urban planning 城市规划

  92.result in shortage of energy and natural resources 导致了能源和自然资源的短缺

  93.break the ecological balance 破坏了生态的平衡

  94.be harmful to our physical and mental health 对我们的身心健康有害

  95.contaminate the environment 污染环境

  96.promote the sustainable development of the city 促进城市的可持续性发展

  97.greenhouse effect 温室效应

  98.strengthen pollution control 加强污染控制

  99.popularize environmental protection knowledge 普及环保知识

  100.burning 迫在眉睫的


  教育类话题是雅思写作中出题率比较高的一类话题,此类话题主要探讨的是:1 教育的功能,2 学校的科目应当由谁选择,3 什么样的教学方式最好,4 学费应该谁来支付,5 学生需要参加社会实践吗,6 家庭教育与学校教育等。


  1. 教育的好处:benefits of education

  2. 家庭教育:home-schooling or parental education

  3. 第一个老师:first educator

  4. 在家教育孩子:educate their children at home

  5. 好的榜样:good role models

  6. 模仿行为:copy behavior

  7. 家庭暴力:domestic violence

  8. 增进家庭关系:enhance family bond

  9. 上大学:attend/enter a university

  10. 高素质、有经验的老师:high qualified/well-experienced teaching staff

  11. 扩大知识面:broaden one’s scope of knowledge

  12. 学习全面的知识:receive well-rounded education

  13. 教育成果:educational achievement

  14. 获得就业技能:gain employable skills

  15. 参加课程活动:participate in class activities

  16. 学校课程:school curriculum

  17. adapt oneself to the development of使自己适应…的发展

  18. scope of knowledge知识面

  19. narrow the gap between缩小了…的鸿沟

  20. lighten the burden of减轻了…的负担

  21. comprehensive knowledge广博的知识

  22. receive education接受教育

  23. enlightening予以人启迪的

  24. far-reaching深远的

  25. never-ending永不停息的

  26. perplexing令人困惑的

  27. overwhelming压倒一切的

  28. exchange experience交流经验

  29. exam-oriented education应试教育

  30. education for all-round development全面发展教育

  31. have quick and easy access to something更快地接触到…东西

  32. Develop Our Creative Mind培养我们创造性思维

  33. Fake Diplomas假文凭

  34. Embracing the Knowledge Economy Age拥抱知识经济时代

  35. Renew Knowledge革新知识

  36. People-oriented以人为本的

  37. compulsory education义务教育

  38. keep skills fresh and up-to-date使得技能可以与时俱进

  39. widen one’s knowledge拓展知识面

  40. enrich one’s social and life experience丰富了社会和生活阅历

  41. enlarge one’s view拓展知识面

  42. broaden one’s horizons拓展知识面

  43. realize the value of life实现生命价值

  44. grasp good communication skills掌握良好的交流技能

  45. remove misunderstanding and discrimination消除误解和歧视

  46. improve cultural integration and globalization促进了文化的融合和文化全球化

  47. cultivate a strong sense of responsibility培养了强烈的责任感

  48. promote social skills and competence提高了社会能力和竞争力

  49. make contribution to society对社会做出贡献

  50. quality Education素质教育

  51. cross-cultural communication跨文化交流

  52. rote learning死记硬背








  1. criminal犯罪分子(青少年年,惯犯)

  2. soft target容易受攻击的对象

  3. commit crime犯罪

  4. behavioural problems行为问题

  5. behave badly不良地表现

  6. squander time浪费时间

  7. emulate criminals/copycat criminal activity模仿犯罪

  8. exposure to reports on crimes接触犯罪的报道

  9. rioting暴乱

  10. commit anti-social acts实施反社会的行为

  11. be influenced by peer pressures and external factors受同龄人以及外界因素影响

  12. led astray被误导

  13. educational underachievement学业失败

  14. cast a long shadow on lives对人生产生影响

  15. cause the fear of crime引起对犯罪的恐惧

  16. desensitise people to violence麻木人们对暴力的意识

  17. wake up the need for self-protection唤醒对自我保护的需求意识

  18. lawless society非法制社会措施

  19. combat crime对抗犯罪

  20. impose harsh punishment施加严酷的惩罚

  21. Capital punishments | Death penalty 死刑

  22. To sentence criminals to death 判死刑

  23. A criminal record 犯罪记录

  24. To engage in unlawful activities 参与不合法的行为

  25. To re-offend 再度犯罪

  26. Criminals = Wrongdoers = Lawbreakers = Convicts = Offenders 罪犯的说法

  27. Rehabilitated prisoners 改造犯人

  28. Community service 社区服务

  29. To deter/discourage people from doing something 阻止人们做某事

  30. Inmates 囚犯

  31. To send somebody to prison 送进监狱

  32. be aware of the dire consequences意识到极其严重的后果

  33. deter crime遏制犯罪

  34. tackle the root cause of crime解决犯罪的根本