Part 1 新题题库

  haircut;Tiredness;Sun;Amusement park;Forest;Eating;Makeup;Shopping;Island;Trust;Where you live;Work;Study;Weather;Jeans;Visiting hometown;Vacation;Languages;Social media;Photos

  Part 1 保留题题库

  Going out;Perfume;Smile;Books;Family activities;Rubbish;Time management;Punctuality;Rainy day;Visit relatives;Market;Borrowing/ lending;Travel;Outdoor;Plan;Math;Social Network





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  Part 1 新题


  1. What ’s your favoritehairstyle?

  2. How often do you have yourhair cut?

  3. How much do you usuallyspend on your haircut?

  4. Do you often change yourhaircut?

  1. I prefer short hair because itis easy to handle. I've kept short hair style for xxx years.

  2. I go to the barber's once amonth.

  3. It usually takes me 40 rmb tohave my hair cut.

  4. I seldom change my hairstyle./Ichange my hairstyle once every year.


  1. What things make youtired?

  2. What do you do when youfeel tired?

  3. Who do you prefer to talkto when you feel mentally tired, your friends or your families?

  4. Do you want to talk tostrangers when you feel mentally tired?

  1. Unchanging daily routine istiring. I would be bored with doing the same things everyday.

  2. I would read some books orpursue my hobby.

  3. I would talk to my friendsbecause we have more common language. They can understand my feelings better.

  4. I would prefer not. Sometimeswhen I feel mentally tired I am mentally weak as well. I would probably saysomething that I normally would not say, which can either hurt others or leakmy personal information.

  Part1 保留题


  1. Howoften do you go out with friends?

  2. Who dousually want to go out with?

  3. Where doyou like to go to when you go out with friends?

  4. Do youlike to go out with a big group or just few friends?

  1. I go outwith friends on a weekly basis as I like to play badminton very much. Thus Ioften call my friends to play badminton in the nearest gym or park at weekends.

  2. Iusually want to go out with my friends. We share common values and hobbies sothat we have more things in common. Time goes so pleasant in our company.

  3. Well,I’d like to go to shopping malls with friends. You know, girls always likehanging out and going shopping with their friends. Sometimes we just do windowshopping, looking at those fancy clothes and shoes. Sometimes we pick severalvarieties to try on but not to buy. Maybe we just love to see ourselvesgorgeous in the mirror.

  4. I’d liketo go out with few friends more because I do not like noise. I mean, when goingout with a big group, quarrels and conflicts usually follow. People aredifferent with each other and not everyone is willing to make concessions forothers. I just do not want to put myself in such a situation.


  1. Do youuse perfume?

  2. How doyou feel by using perfume?

  3. Whatkind of perfume do you like?

  4. Are youwilling to spend money on perfume?

  5. Have youbought perfume for others as gifts?

  1. Yes, Iwear perfume on important occasions as it helps lift my spirits. Just like apretty dress, a good perfume can boost my confidence. I tend to use my favoritefragrance to beat anxiety blues.

  2. I thinkit is elegant and improves one's charm. As you walk past, others may catch awhiff of your perfume. But sometimes the heavy perfume others wear make mesick. So one should be careful of the smell of his perfume.

  3. Generallyspeaking, I like flowery perfume like delicate perfume of rose and jasmine.Perfumes offer many different kinds of smells for different moods. Thus I'dlike to choose one which fits my mood.

  4. Yes, Iam willing to spend money on perfume. The unique fragrance and design make abottle of perfume full of temptation. You just cannot resist it.

  5. Yes, Igave a bottle of perfume as my mother’s birthday present last year. She is adecent woman, who has an elegant taste and pays attentions to details. A bottleof fine perfume surely fitted her style. Now she is wearing it everyday.



  Describea person who is good at his/her job

  Whothis person is

  Whatthe job is

  Howdoes this person like his/her job

  Whythis person is good at this job

  I would like totalk about my economics teacher, Mr. Tao, who teaches my class in university.There is no denying that he really put a lot of effort into his job, which isthe reason why I respect him so much. When I stepped into my first year inuniversity, I knew nothing about economy and found it quite boring. Mr. Tao wasthe one who showed me how interesting the economic world can be. He had adifferent way of teaching other than just giving handouts or notes to students.Before every class, he prepared a series of unusual activities such as two-sidesolitaires. Once in class, he gave every one an empty cup and a full bottle ofcoke. The game was about figuring out the timing when you felt the mostsatisfied with the amount of coke given each time. No one would expect at thebeginning the aim of the game was to let us experience how to apply realbusiness skills when selling a product, which was the charming point why Mr.Tao's lessons attracted to so many of us. As you can see, he is an adorable andspecial teacher who is willing to interact with students as well as livelypassing on useful knowledge by practice to students.


  Howshould young people perform on their first jobs?

  Usually, young people are lack ofexperience when they first step into society. It's not uncommon to see thatthey make mistakes doing their first job or mess up the relationship withcolleagues.

  Howcan people improve their job performance?

  Hard work makes progress. What's more, apositive initiative is also the key to improving working efficiency. There's noshort cut to the success. The more time you put into your job, the greateryou'll perform hence the more it will pay back to you.

  Whatskill set should a manager have?

  Firstly, a manager should have theresponsibility for overseeing the business according to profitability. Secondly,a manager is supposed to produce a pleasant working environment by encouragingemployees properly to work as a team.

  Doyou think what you’ve learnt in university is going to help in your future job?

  Of course. I chose my major subject,Chemical Engineering in university based on my personal interest in Chemistryand my plan for future career, which is to design new cosmetics. Admittedly,the knowledge I've learned from university courses would be helpful in thosetechnical researches.

  Howto improve job motivation?

  Twomain factor making contributions to job motivation is passion and team work. Toimprove motivation, a comfortable working atmosphere is essential. In details,some training lessons can be taken to teach employees to respect and collaboratewith one other. In addition, a good leader should know his team well in orderto provide the motivation by properly taking advantages of differentindividuals.



  Describesomeone you would like to study or work with You should say:

  Whothis person is

  Howlong you have known this person

  Whatyou have done together

  Andexplain why you would like to work/ study with this person

  I’d like to talkabout Agnes who is my roommate. Agnes comes from Wuxi which is a big city located in Jiangsu province, thesouthern China.

  Well I have knownher since the first day I became a university student as I share the dorm withher.

  Last semester, wetook the marketing course together.Our teacher asked usto do a case study on a Chinese company in groups. In this case, I cooperated with Agnes which was really a good experience. We chose Huawei as the subject.At that time I was responsiblefor figuring out the reason why itis welcomed by customers and Agnes was responsible for discovering the way it cooperates with the government andlocal authorities.Then we come up with several suggestions together. At last we achieved 95 out of 100 and I am quite proud of the score.

  Now let me tell youwhy I would like to study and work with her. Agnes is a smartand considerate girl. Actuallybefore I started to do the teamwork last semester I thought it would be tough.However she made a specific and reasonable plan so wemanaged to conduct the projectsmoothly. It was because ofthe plan that we could do things in right sequence and complete the projectahead of time. In addition, Agnes has a sense of responsibility. You know whendoing teamwork there is a risk that your partner is not willing to do anythingand then you have no choice but to do all of the work by yourself. Luckily,Agnes worked hard and she even gave me several suggestions on my part. I hopewe can do a teamwork again in the future.


  Whatdo you think of a gooduniversity?

  First of all, agood university should be a place where students can acquire professionalknowledge and improve themselves. This requires teachers of the university tobe highly qualified. In addition, various information and references should beavailable in the library. In addition, a good university should also create anenvironment where students are free to share ideas with other students andprofessors and conduct experiments or projects on subjects that they areinterested in. Well I think whether a university is good or not can be judgedby whether students of it like it.

  Should childrenchoose their owndesk-mate?

  No, I don’t thinkso. If children have the right to choose their deskmates, they would definitelysit with their best friends. In this case, they may keep talking with deskmatesand get distracted while having classes, which is obviously not good foracquiring knowledge. Therefore, I believe it is more proper to let teacherschoose deskmates for each student.

  What’s the difference between choosingyour own deskmate and arranging by your teacher?

  If children have theright to choose their deskmates, they would definitely sit with their bestfriends. While if deskmates are chosen by teachers, I guess height of eachstudent is the first thing that will be taken into consideration so thateveryone can have a good sight. In addition, teachers will not let children whoare naughty sit close.

  What are thequalities of a goodfriend?

  I think a goodfriend should be a person who is honest and who can always keep secrets. Goodfriends know each other well, so there is not supposed to be any cheating orlying. In addition, a good friend is someone with whom you can share anythingincluding happiness, worries and even secrets. Therefore it is important thatthe trusted friend will never betray you or tell others about your secrets.


  Well as for me, Iprefer to just have one or two close friends. This is because I do not belongto those people who are outgoing and usually engage in lots of social activities.I think the most important thing is to have several friends who reallyunderstand you and share common interest with you. Also, I guess even forpeople who have a wide circle of friends, the number of friends with whom theycan share anything is still less than 5. Therefore, I feel delighted with thefact that I have 2 friends who really know me and care about me though thenumber is quite small.


  I think they are ofequal importance. Old friends are people who have known you for a long periodof time. In this case, they can always understand you. You feel free andrelaxed when stay with them as you know the habits and character of each other.On the other hand, new friends are people you meet when you get to a strangeand new place. For example, when you enter university and when you change yourjob. Therefore, it is new friends who help you to adapt to the new environment.So, personally, I think both of them are important.

  Dochildren and adults make friends in the sameway?

  No, they don’t. Theworld of children is much purer than that of adults. Children can be goodfriends simply by playing games together or sharing toys and snacks. I thinkchildren regard people with whom they can be happy as friends. However, foradults, friends are people who are always on their side. Friends would comfortyou and help you when you are in trouble and be happy when you are happy.Therefore, adults make friends by showing sincerity to each other.


  Yes I do. Thanks tomodern science and technology, lots of online communication applications havebeen invented. In this case, we are able to talk with people all over the worldand get in touch with others at anytime and anywhere. On the contrary, it wasdifficult for people who lived in the past to contact others. At that time, theonly way was to write letters which was slow and risky——letters may get lostduring delivery. I believe communication is essential for making friends andsince nowadays we have more ways and chances to talk with others, it isdefinitely easier to make friends.

  Why do some peoplechoose to make friends on theinternet?

  Well I think for everyone,friends are people who really understand you and care about you. For lots ofpeople who fail to find such people in the real world, they tend to makefriends on the internet. This is because you can meet lots of people from allover the world with totally different characters online. However, makingfriends online is also risky as lots of people pretend to like you and be yourfriend but finally cheat you of money.