Bondi Beach, Australia's most famous beach is located in the suburb of Bondi, in the Local Government Area of Waverley, seven kilometers from the centre of Sydney. "Bondi" or "Boondi" is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or the sound of breaking waves. The Australian Museum records that Bondi means place where a flight of nullas took place.


  The indigenous people of the area boost a wealth of unique cultures and traditions. The aboriginal rock art is believed to be most typical art form, consisting of rock paintings and rock engravings. There are still Aboriginal rock carvings left on the northern end of the beach at Ben Buckler and south of Bondi Beach near McKenzies Beach on the coastal walk. Later, the British arrived in Australia and constructed the first settlement in Sydney Cove on 26 January, l788.The category "Aboriginal Australians" was coined by the British after they began colonising Australia, to refer collectively to all people they found already inhabiting the continent, and later to the descendants of any of those people.


  From the mid-1800s, Bondi Beach was a favourite location for family outings and picnics. The beginnings of the suburb go back to 1809, when the early road builder. William Roberts received from Governor Bligh a grant of 81 hectares of what is now most of the business and residential area of Bondi Beach. In 1851. Edward Smith Hall and Francis O'Brien purchased 200 acres of the Bondi area that embraced almost the whole frontage of Bondi Beach, and it was named the "The Bondi Estate". Between 1855 and 1877 O'Brien purchased Hall's share of the land, renamed the land the "O'Brien Estate", and made the beach and the surrounding land available to the public as a picnic ground and amusement resort. As the beach became increasingly popular. O'Brien threatened to stop public beach access. However, the Municipal Council believed that the Government needed to intervene to make the beach a public reserve.


  During the 1900s, beach became associated with health, leisure and democracy — a playground everyone could enjoy equally Bondi Beach was a working class suburb throughout most of the twentieth century with migrant people from New Zealand comprising the majority of the local population. The first tramway reached the beach in 1884. Following this, tram became the first public transportation in Bondi. As an alternative, this action changed the rule that only rich people can enjoy the beach. By the 1930s Bondi was drawing not only local visitors but also people from elsewhere in Australia and overseas. Advertising at the time referred to Bondi Beach as the "Playground of the Pacific".


  There is a growing trend that people prefer relaxing near seaside instead of living unhealthily in cities. Related research shows that spending time by the ocean has many positive effects on health and well-being. When you put a person in a beach environment." It’s not going to be any great surprise to you that people relax" said study researcher Mathew White, an environmental psychologist at Sydney. According to his experiment, ocean exposure could be a useful form of therapy. Therefore more people move to Bondi in order to experience a healthy and pure life. The beautiful and magnificent scenery of Bondi Beach — sapphire-like sky and transparent sea, along with people wandering on the sand, all contribute to an incredible picture. Besides, swimming and surfing are also popular and it would be too stupid to waste the gifted resources.


  Bondi Beach is the end point of the City to Surf Fun Run which is held each year in August. Australian surf carnivals further instilled this image. A Royal Surf Carnival was held at Bondi Beach for the Queen Elizabeth II during her first visit to Australia in 1954. Since 1867, there have been over fifty visits by a member of the British Royal Family to Australia. In addition, the Bondi Beach Market is open every Sunday. Many wealthy people spend Christmas Day at the beach. However, the shortage of houses occurs when lots of people crush to seaside. Manly is the seashore town which could solve this problem. However, people still choose Bondi as the satisfied destination rather than Manly.


  Bondi Beach has a commercial area along Campbell Parade and adjacent side streets, featuring many popular cafes, restaurants, and hotels of various architectural styles, with views of the contemporary beach. It "is depicted as wholly modern and European. In the last decade, Bondi Beach's unique position has seen a dramatic rise in svelte houses and apartments to take advantage of the views and scent of the sea. The valley running down to the beach is famous worldwide for its view of distinctive red tiled roofs. The inspiration for building house architectures is derived from typical British coastal towns.


  Bondi Beach hosted the beach volleyball event at the 2000 Summer Olympics. A temporary 10.000-seat stadium, a much smaller stadium. 2 warm-up courts and 3 training courts were set up to host the tournament. The Bondi Beach Stadium was constructed for it and stood for just six weeks. Campaigners oppose both the social and environmental consequences of the development. The stadium will divide the beach in two and seriously restrict public access for swimming, walking, and other forms of outdoor recreation. People protest for their human rights of having a pure seaside and argue for healthy life in Bondi.

  I"They're prepared to risk the Bondi Beach environment for the sake of eight days of volleyball" said Stephen Uniacke, a construction lawyer involved in the campaign. Other environmental concerns include the possibility that soil dredged up from below the sand will acidify when brought to the surface.

  Question 1-5

  Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1?

  In boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet, write

  TRUE if the statement is true

  FALSE if the statement is false

  NOT GIVEN if the information is not given

  1. The beach got its name from the British colonists.

  2. The indigenous culture in Australia varies greatly from the European culture.

  3. Living near Bondi seashore will do harm to people's health.

  4. The hotels located in Bondi are built in contemporary style.

  5. The seaside town in Bondi is affected by British culture for its characteristic red color.

  Question 6-9

  Answer the questions below.

  Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR ONE NUMBER from the passage for each answer

  Write your answers in boxes 6-9 on your answer sheet

  6. Which kind of public transportation was constructed in 19th century?

  7. When did Queen Elizabeth II pay her first visit to Australia?

  8. Which sport game did Bondi hold in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games?

  9. According to one protestor's view, what would be damaged if the stadium was built?

  Question 10-13

  Complete the following summary of the paragraphs of Reading Passage 1. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the reading passage for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 10-13 on your answer sheet.

  Despite the popularity of sports activities in the water, Bondi Market is also welcomed which attracts lots of___10____to pay a visit here during holidays. Due to the emergence of large crowd, the local accommodationcannot afford this huge increase. A nearby town named___11____could be a second choice while some people would still prefer___12____as the best location. The commercial district of Bondi Beach is characterized by all kinds of interesting cafes, restaurants and hostels. Its seaside buildings are distinguished for the special colored___13____of typical British style.



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  4TRUE 5FALSE 6Tram

  7 1954 8 Beach volleyball 9 Environment

  10 wealthy people 11 Manly 12 Bondi

  13 tiled roofs