Describe a good parent you know.

  You should say:

  who the parent is

  how you knew the parent

  what the parent looks like

  Well, speaking of a good parent I know, I’d like to talk about the mother of one friend of mine, Mrs Wong, who’s an excellent photographer. Regarding how I knew this person, well, I first met her many years ago, like a decade ago or something, you know, I went to the same primary school with her daughter, Lily. Because Lily and I had a lot of things in common, we hit it off and ended up seeing quite a lot of each other’s parents. As for what she looks like, well, interesting enough, she actually looks pretty similar to Lily. I mean, they both have oval faces, fair skin and big charming eyes. Of course, there’s something different. Mrs Wong is in her 40s, of medium height, but a little bit overweight, with long curly hair, whereas as a teenager, Lily is pretty short and slim with short straight hair. Ultimately, moving on to why I think she’s a good parent, what I’d like to say here is that there are quite a few reasons. And the main reason is that she sets a very good example for her daughter. Just to give you an example, she always teaches Lily to be a tolerant person and she is such a tolerant person herself. As far as I know, she has never been rude to anyone, even if she’s very angry. I still remember once Lily was hit by a stone thrown away by a boy by accident and her head was bleeding. When Mrs Wong arrived here, she didn’t get mad or blame that guilty boy. Instead, she comforted him and then took Lily to the hospital. Also, she told Lily to forgive that boy, because he didn’t really mean it. It’s fair to say almost every person speak highly of Mrs Wong. So, I guess Mrs Wong is not only a good parent for Lily, but a role model for me as well.


  1. Do you like shopping for shoes?

  Yes: Absolutely! Just like most girls do.Cuz to me, they are not just something you put on, but more of a fashion accessory (时尚配饰).

  No: Actually, unlike some people, I’m not big on (be big on: be a fan of;be fond of) buying shoes. To me, it’s just a matter of (仅仅是…) finding the right ones. Nothingmore.

  2. How often do you buy shoes?

  Yes: From time to time (时常,常常), I think. I would buy acouple of new pairs of shoes almost every season to match with my outfit (搭配我的着装).

  No: Probably once in a few months, onaverage (平均来说). Cuz my shoes tend to be quite durable (耐用的,耐穿的), and they usually last a long time before they are worn out (磨破,穿破).

  3. What kinds of shoes do you usually buy?

  I shop for a wide range of shoes, from highheels (高跟鞋), flats(平底鞋), boots (靴子), totraining shoes (运动鞋), you know, to serve different needs (满足不同的需求).

  The shoes I shop for are mostly simple, plain-looking (ordinary-looking) and comfortable ones. Cuz that’s basically everything that I need!

  4. Do you prefer comfortable shoes, or good-looking shoes?

  That’s an easy one! When it comes to shoes,comfort is always the number one priority(something that is more important than anything else).But that doesn’t mean I don’t care for (be fond of) looks. I mean, nobody wants to wear shoes that lookhideous(super ugly), right?

  5. Do you have a pair of shoes that you especially like?

  I do, as a matter of fact (in fact; actually). They are a pair of limitededition (限量版) that I bought a few years ago. I kind of splurgedon (splurgeon sth: spend a lot of money on sth 挥霍) them, but they are totallyworth it (be worth it: 值得)!


  1. Why does shopping make people happy?


  这个问题其实比较简单,但仍然有一些同学可能会反而把这个问题想得很复杂,我们其实并不需要从一个非常专业的心理学角度psychological angle来准确回答,只需要做到“言之有理,言之有物,紧扣主题,自圆其说”就可以了。



  买东西,尤其是女性购买衣服,都是为了自己的形象image能够拿得出手look good,这样才会提升自己的魅力charm或者charisma,还有自信心confidence等等。其实不光是女士,男士在买车买房上也是比较务实的practical或者唯物的materialistic,因为社会上大家都在这么做,你如果不这么购置物品和别人保持基本的一致的话,在某种意义上来说,你还不够成功。

  但是通过购买,你就可以获得成就感a sense of achievement等。我们还可以列举更多这样的例子,主语可以换成学生students,老年人the elderly,或者再确切点家庭主妇housewives,商业大亨business tycoon,都可以通过他们购买的特定东西来说明让他们快乐的原因。

  Well, you know it's always a pleasant feeling to wear brand new clothes that look good. It can make your image better and improve your charisma, and people are more self-confident when they are pleased with their appearance. I think it’s understandable that ladies always try to buy new clothes. Furthermore, people are all becoming more and more materialistic: we all care about occupying good stuff like cars or big houses and even the latest version of iPhone, especially when other people have. If we can afford something fancy with our own salary, we will experience a sense of achievement.


  几种在句中常见的表示递进的关联词,来替换and的单一性:furthermore, moreover, still, in addition, additionally, more specifically, besides, in other words, on the other hand, meanwhile, at the same time…

  2. How do shops nowadays compare to shops in the past?


  很多同学还是比较擅长描述现在的购物都是怎么样的。被我们聊得最多的也就是网上购物在逐渐代替实体店购物这件事。但是我们同时应该注意到,题目中出现了compare这个单词,就是要求我们说明两件事情,并作出一个比较明显的比较。而就不是单单说一方面了。并且是shop的为主语,其实更多的是想问实体店physical shops的今昔对比。



  I suppose that a few decades ago, people had to go to different places to buy daily items they needed: hammer in a hardware store, pork at the butcher’s or clothes in a tailor’s shop. But I believe that the shop owners were also more welcoming and considerate. Nowadays, a superstore like Walmart or Carrefour provides every single necessity and these are extremely convenient for people’s living. And for sure, shopping malls are available wherever you go. I bet now there are a lot more shops than in the past. As a consequence, customers have way more options than they did 30 years ago.


  hammer锤子 hardware五金器具,硬件 butcher屠夫 tailor裁缝


  Walmart 沃尔玛 Carrefour家乐福