1.Do you like to watch films?

  I’m really into watching films because some films are very entertaining and provoking. I sometimes go to the cinema with my friends and family to enjoy our leisure time on the weekends.


  2.How often do you go to a cinema or watch a movie?

  I go the the cinema to watch movies from time to time. Normally if I’m not busy with my work, I’ll check out the movies to see whether there are any movies that attract me; but if I have lots of things on my hands, I’ll probably focus on my work.


  3.What was the first film that you watched?

  The first film that I watched was the Lion King many years ago in the cinema with my parents. What I can remember now is the terrific animation and the amazing soundtrack.i particularly liked the song Can You Feel the Love Tonight that I knew it was produced by Elton John. And I’ve learned lessons from this movie. It is about living up to our responsibilities, no matter how hard it is.

  我看的第一部电影是多年前和我父母在电影院里的狮子王。我现在能记住的是 精彩的动画和令人惊叹的配乐。我特别喜欢这首歌,你能感受到今晚的爱,我知道它是由埃尔顿约翰制作的。我从这部电影中吸取了教训。它是关于履行我们的责任,不管它有多困难。

  4.How often do you visit cinema for watching films?

  For most part, I like watching films at my home under by blanket. But, when there are lot of my friends going out, I do company them. However, this does not happen very often. So, one can say, if the movie is really nice and we all friends want to have some fun together, we go to cinema.


  5.How do people in your country react to cinema?

  Oh! People in my country love cinema and it certainly plays a very important role in our lives. There are so many people who take advance tickets to watch films of their favourite starts. Also, there are people who would just bare standing in lines for the one ticket to watch a film. You could hear claps and then fights taking place or the teary eyes.


  6.What genre of movies do you really prefer?

  I love romantic movies the most. For me, the emotion love is the most important emotion of all and I love it when two people fall in love with each other. Some of my favourite romantic movies have been, what happens in vegas, Notebook, crazy stupid love. But, apart from romantic movies, I also like watching comedy movies and sometimes the motivational movies, the ones based on true life incidents.


  7.Which genre of movies do you try to avoid?

  I really don’t like horror movies. Not primarily, because I get terrified but because I think movies are there to make you feel relaxed. For me, horror movies, give so much of emotion and excitement that it seems as if some work has been done.


  8.Which was the first movie that you watched?

  The first time I watched an entire movie was Stuart Little. Our school took the students who had subscribed to the newspaper to a movie hall. For us, most of the class had subscribed. So, the entire class of VI B, that was my section, went to watch the movie in a cinema hall. It was an amazing experience, not only because it was the first time I was watching a movie but because with people I enjoy my school days.




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