What do you like to share?

  when you shared it?

  who you shared it with?

  What kinds of things that are not suitable for sharing?






  A few years ago, my friend and I shared a car together. This was when we were both students. We were both living away from home and although we were both working and studying at the same time, neither of us could afford to buy a car individually.


  So we decided to put our money together and share the ownership of the car – we set up a system where we would organize when each of us could use it individually and then other times either of us could use it, and if we ever needed to swap I would just confirm it was OK with him or he would ask me if he could use it.


  It was quite an old car, but it allowed us both to go places we probably wouldn’t have if we hadn’t had it. But the most important thing was it made going home to visit our parents much easier.


  We used to take turns; so for example, my friend would have it for two weekends each month I would have it for the other two weekends. It was so much easier than the long bus ride, which was the alternative.


  It worked out really well while we were students, and then after we had graduated we ended up working and living in different parts of the country, so before we left we sold it and split the cash between us.


  At the time I think we were the only people I knew who shared a car, but it worked for us, because I trusted him and he trusted me, and we both appreciated that without sharing the car, we wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of things.


  So it was a mutually beneficial arrangement, and certainly made life a lot easier at that time, so it was a good idea.



  Sharing accommodation

  What are some of the advantages of sharing accommodation?

  Well, a couple I can think of would be it’s normally cheaper than paying all the rent yourself, and some people prefer to live with someone else than being on their own.

  If you share you can usually get a better place than if you tried to rent on your own. You know, you can get a bigger apartment or even a small house, and with better facilities or in a better neighborhood.

  Sometimes, if you try to rent on your own, and your budget is limited, the accommodation options can be a bit limited.






  Sharing ideas

  What are some situations where sharing ideas can be a good thing?

  It’s interesting, I learned the value of this when I started working. We used to have problem solving meetings where we would have to come up with solutions to a problem.

  The amazing thing was the wide variety of ideas that people would come up with. It demonstrated just how many different ways a problem can be approached by different people.

  Apart from dealing with a problem, sharing ideas can also work well when it comes to making a difficult decision, or choosing a special gift for someone.

  Even things like trying to decide where to go on a holiday; if you get your friends to share their ideas it’s a lot easier than trying to think of the best place on your own.







  Is it better to share ideas working in a team or work on an idea individually? What are some of the benefits of this?

  Personally, I think if you’re working in a team then the whole idea is to collaborate and do things together to get the best result, so sharing ideas should be a natural part of the teamwork process.

  But I guess there can also be times when having an idea and working on it by yourself can be a good thing too. For example, if you have an idea about something which is very innovative, you might want to keep it to yourself until you have fully developed the idea…

  you know, until you have everything clear in your own mind, and then maybe share it with other people to actually make it happen.

  There are benefits to both ways of dealing with ideas. In a team, sharing ideas can generate a better or more comprehensive solution to a problem or create an even better idea than the original one.

  Working on an idea on your own gives you more time to refine it, develop it, and really make it your own creation, which can be extremely satisfying, and in some cases more successful – especially if it becomes your passion or it’s an idea for a business or something like that.