1. Some people think painting and drawings are as important as other subjects, they should be compulsory in high school education.

  This debate reminds me a story,a group of Chinese students visited America,during the process of communication activity,American students invited Chinese peers to play musical instrument together,yet,what a pity is that almost nobody is well-versed in art performance. Virtually, many educators and parents have been pondering,for years,the connotation of perfect education. As I see it,only imparting career-oriented knowledge leaves much to be desired,therefore, it is of necessity to include painting and drawings as compulsory part of high school curriculum.

  I first turn to the chief aim of education to justify my viewpoint. An ideal education should entail helping youngsters realize comprehensive development and cultivating their manifold talents. Academic education is important,however,art-related courses are equally indispensable because the popularity of art courses could,to large extent, mold one’s temperament,enhance one’s art accomplishment,instill confidence into one’s heart. Also,a number of students are now over-burdened with exam-oriented and exercise-stuffed education,they,sometimes,feel fed up with school life,thereby,studying art course can be considered as an effective stress-reducer, which helps students to brave academic challenges energetically. Last, knowledge is not a burden, a man of many parts should never confine himself to job-related knowledge. Instead, one is expected to become more versatile via developing various capabilities.

  Some others might take a skeptical attitude towards my stand. Those who believe that it is probably a hasty decision to introduce pairings or drawings to the curriculum of school education might argue that this practice is more likely to interfere with students' study of main courses and occupy a lot of precious time. Meanwhile,some people might contend that art-related courses bear little relevance to one’s future job-seeking. What I want to refute,however,is that this utilitarian mentality will inevitably hinder one’s all-round development and deprive students of enjoyment brought about by art learning.

  To conclude, the introduction of art-related courses into high school education enjoys glaring merits to tap the students' many capabilities, hence, I re-affirm my conviction that it is advisable and feasible to encourage those who in the formative years to acquire paintings and drawings.

  2. Some people think it is easier for adults to learn practical skills (such as computer skills) by themselves while others believe it is better to learn with a teacher in classroom. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

  A life's study is considered to be much more important than ever before. For most of us, we only learn and study in schools, but the everlastingly changing world requires us to keep a habit of learning all the time. such as different kinds of practical skills, to confront the life challenge. Here comes a heated debate whether adult should learn by themselves or choose turning to a teacher in classroom. As for me, self-learning and teaching both cannot be ignored.

  On one hand, self-learning is much more available for most adults for the simple reason that it demands less time from those who are always under the great pressure of work and family. People can squeeze any time he/she can in daily life for a short learning. Reading a chapter of the textbook during the break will make it easier to finish a heavy one within a week. By contrast, going to courses, night course for example, usually occupies a lot of time after work, which are supposed to be used for relaxing or family time. Moreover, it is the affluent resources online that enable self-learning for adults more possible and practical. There are massive number of courses on some better known video websites, cooking, gardening, language smoothing to name a few, which can drag users into any online classroom for something news.

  One the other side, self-learning online may arouse some questions, such as it cannot help people solve professional problems unless turning to the real teacher. Besides, it also takes courage, persistence as well as self-controlling for people to learn by themselves online, because there are a great number of temptations through hyperlink all around and it is easy for us to digress from what we are intended to do.

  All in all, teacher can help us to solve professional problems and a class will create a sound learning atmosphere, but the lifestyle of most adult makes it impossible to attending a long term and a time class. The best method is to balance the two ways.

  3. Some people think advertising may have positive economic effects. Others think it has social effects because individuals are not satisfied with who they are and what they have. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  In modern society, advertising boards or screens can be seen around every corner of megacities. Obviously, advertising plays an indispensable role in stimulating the sales of products. While every coin has two sides, excessive exposure to advertisements produces negative effects on the society and individuals as a whole.

  It must be admitted that due to the promotion of products, manufactures are able to achieve abundant profits. In such an information-driven global market, it is advertising that enables consumers from different countries to be informed of the functions and features of consumption goods made in both locals and abroad. Without advertising campaigns, firms can hardly enlarge the circle of their customers and survive in fiercer competitions. What’ s more, as tax payers, they tend to make more contributions to the growth of government revenue for their higher gains.

  On the other hand, some people cannot help wondering the drawbacks of advertising industry since it may lead to unhealthy lifestyle. It is a common practice for advertisers to design a romantic and exciting life or exaggerate the benefits of certain products. For example, models wearing the latest dress and the most attractive high-heels with a limited handbag seem the shinning diamond in the sun. As a consequence, customers especially the younger generation become unsatisfied with what they already have and are likely to waste time and money on trying fancy goods.

  However, as far as I am concerned, consumers’ real demands determine their purchase decision. That is to say, advocates of advertisement’ s negative impacts neglect the fact that in some situations, buyers hold higher expectation of a product or their purchases are based on impulses rather than reason. Therefore, the efforts of manufactures to promote their goods are not to blame. Besides, related laws should be launched to ensure that there is no deception in any advertisement and promote highly healthy competition among producers.

  4. Some people think that one of the best ways to solve environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuels for cars and other vehicles. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  The severity and urgency of properly addressing environmental problems are hardly arguable, yet the specific method is contested for decades. Although many choose to believe the solidity of dealing with these issues with higher price of fuels, I consider this as too narrow an approach.

  While the occurrence of positive outcome towards environment is almost inevitable were the price of fuels to increase, the final result may not be as expected for long. Rooted from the human nature of rejecting any cost increase, the leading reason for the optimistic attitude of this particular approach would be the effect on limiting the number of cars and therefore reducing the amount of environment-damaging gas emission. However, since the cost of public transport would also be affected, resistance in people with the need of travel seems to be inevitable, hence the impossibility of achieving the desired goal.

  In addition, the delicacy of eco-system and the complexity of environmental issues make the proposal mentioned above nothing but a delusion. In fact, one must not only notice the close interaction within the sub-system of environment, for example the pollutant in soil will eventually migrate into water body, but also fully appreciate the necessity of comprehensively solving environmental problems, meaning that the overall performance of any eco-system will not become better if only the air quality were to be improved. Therefore, the method of meddling with fuel price can only be described as biased, as it merely focuses on the issue of air pollutants.

  Overall, increasing the price of fuels is most defiantly not the best solution to environmental issues, as it has neglected both the reaction of consumers and the complexity of environment.

  5. The young people in the workforce are changing their jobs or careers every few years. What do you think are the reasons? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

  Relatively frequent change of job and career in youngsters is becoming increasingly common. There are several reasons to explain this trend, and generally I believe it could be beneficial.

  The reason of this development is not complicated: information is becoming more accessible, actionable, and leverage-able than ever before. In the past, if one were to switch jobs, they would have to search job openings in the newspaper, print out a resume, write a cover letter, and then mail them to a potential interview. This process can and will be repetitive, for there is no grantee that job hunting can always be as smooth as one may assume. Such endeavor, most of which will be in void, can cause great pain for every job hunter, especially those who have a family and personal life to manage. In the modern era, however, such hassle does not exist anymore due to the fundamental shift of information actionability—we can now find hundreds and thousands of job openings on the internet at a click of a button, not to mention the growing number of headhunters.

  Associated with this trend, benefits are many: people are having more options to pursue career avenues of interest. In fact, such changes would allow and encourage people to try as many paths as they like, and therefore give them more freedom to control and create the life they want, as the general public can have more confidence and resources than before. Some, however, would argue that a frequent change would create a sense of uncertainty, but one should also fully appreciate that nothing in life is guaranteed, and it would be wise to strike first.

  Overall, although some believe changing jobs or careers should not be frequent, I believe it is beneficial, as people can now truly grasp their life and future.