Something you got that you really need


  Describe something given to you that you really need

  You should say:

  What it is

  Who gave it to you

  Why you need it

  And how you felt about it


  What things do young people like to buy?

  Why do people buy things that are not necessary?

  What should parents do when their children ask for things their friends have?

  Is consumption important to a country?


  The item I am going to talk about is the power bank. It is a small device that can charge your phone when you are away from any socket. As most of us cannot endure a minute without cellphones, many people have the habit of bringing one wherever they go. But I do not.

  One day, I was taking a coach back home and talking with my girlfriend over the phone to kill time. Somehow, we started quarreling with each other. I do not even remember why. I was so agitated that I did not notice that my mobile battery was running low. Suddenly, I was cut off and my phone was dead.

  Do you know how angry and horrible a girlfriend can be when you cut off her call? Not to mention that we were in a fight. I seemed to see the god of death was waving to me. I was a little panic. The girl sitting beside me must have noticed my unease. She asked me if I needed any help, and after learning about what happened, she lent me her power bank.

  At that moment, she was my angel. I was so thankful to the man who invented the power bank and even more thankful to the girl.