The influence that primary school math has on you


  Describe the influence that primary school maths have on you

  You should say:

  Who taught you

  Where you learned it

  What you learned

  And explain how you are influenced by primary school maths


  Can computers help us in math areas?

  What is the first subject learned by children in China?

  What methods can be applied to make math class more interesting?

  How do you use math in your daily life?

  Do you think everyone needs to learn math?


  The useful skill I obtained in a math class from my primary school is the multiplication form. This form is made up of results of multiplications between all the numbers from to For example, 2 multiply eight equals 16 and 3 multiply 7 equals 2 It is usually presented in the shape of stairs, and knowing it enables us to get the resultsof multiplications quickly.

  This form is a compulsory content for all the pupils around China in their primary education. From day one, I spent a great deal of time familiarizing, learning and practicing it so that I will not forget it for my whole life. It has become my instinct and I can still speak out these numbers without thinking.

  It was a middle-aged female teacher who taught me this form. At that time, I was quite numb and a slow learner. Even if it was a very simple question, I could get the result wrong. However, the teacher would not criticize me, but patiently explain again and again and guide me through the computing process. Finally, I caught up with my classmates and masteredthis form.

  It is very useful in life. When we are shopping, we often need to do some simple calculation so that the goods will not exceed our budget. Without a calculator at hand, I often resort to this multiplication form to get my numbers and it never goes wrong.