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  1. The author suggests that in considering the biodiversity of islands, Evans

  A. focuses too exclusively on terrestrial resources

  B. misunderstands the relationship between an island’s size and its terrestrial resources

  C. misinterprets the work of MacArthur and Wilson

  D. is wrong to assume that more remote islands support fewer species

  E. downplays the ways that human communities adapt to island biodiversity

  2. The primary purpose of the passage is to

  A. evaluate two contrasting approaches to island biodiversity

  B. discuss the relevance of certain data pertaining to island biodiversity

  C. call into question a particular understanding of island biodiversity

  D. consider various reasons for reduced biodiversity on islands

  E. contrast large and small islands in terms of overall biodiversity



  1. The primary purpose of the passage is to

  A. present a scientific theory that challenges a widely held theory

  B. summarize the basis for a large body of scientific research

  C. defend an established scientific theory in light of recent criticism

  D. express skepticism about the results obtained by a particular researcher

  E. compare the results of two particular scientific studies

  Defend和express skepticism都要求文章中有作者的明确态度才可能有机会对。