1. Among the Meakambut people of Papua New Guinea, legends are associated with specific

  caves in the Sepik region, and these legends are _____: only the cave owner can share its


  A. impenetrable

  B. immutable

  C. proprietary

  D. didactic

  E. self-perpetuating

  2. We often regard natural phenomena like rainfall as mysterious and unpredictable; although for

  short time spans and particular places they appear so, in fact on a truly global scale, nature has

  been a model of _____.

  A. reliability

  B. diversity

  C. complexity

  D. plasticity

  E. discontinuity

  3. The economic recovery was somewhat lopsided: (i)_____ in some of the industrial economies

  while(ii)_____ in others of them.

  A. unexpected D. robust

  B. feeble  E. turbulent

  C. swift F. predictable

  4. Although trains may use energy more (i)_____ than do automobiles, the latter move only when

  they contain at least one occupant, whereas railway carriages spend a considerable amount of

  time running up and down the tracks (ii)_____, or nearly so.

    A. lavishly D. vacant

  B. efficiently E. unimpeded

  C. routinely F. overlooked

  5. Most capuchin monkey conflict involves such a (i)_____ repertoire of gestural and vocal signals

  that it is difficult for researchers to tease apart the meanings of the individual signals. This (ii)_____is (iii)_____ by the fact that many signals seem to shift in meaning according to the context in

  which they are produced and the developmental stage of the individuals producing them.

  A. precise D. problem G. augmented

  B. rich E. opportunity H. ameliorated

  C. straightforward F. oversight I. anticipated

  6. Within the culture as a whole, the natural sciences have been so successful that the word

  “scientific” is often used in (i)_____ manner: it is often assumed that to call something “scientific” is

  to imply that its reliability has been (ii)_____ by methods whose results cannot reasonably be


  7. Members of the union’s negotiating team insisted on several changes to the company’s proposal

  before they would support it, making it clear that they would _____ no compromise.

  A. disclose

  B. reject

  C. brook

  D. tolerate

  E. repudiate

  F. weigh

  8. Wilson is wont to emphasize the _____ of ants, how ants with full stomachs will regurgitate liquid

  food for those without , or how the old will fight so the young can survive.

  A. beneficence

  B. altruism

  C. unpredictability

  D. intelligence

  E. fecundity

  F. fertility

  9. During the Renaissance, the use of optical lenses, which were capable of projecting images

  onto blank canvases, greatly aided artists by allowing them to accurately observe and depict the

  external world; in other words, these lenses were instrumental in conveying _____.

  A. idealism

  B. optimism

  C. ambition

  D. realism

  E. sanguinity

  F. verisimilitude

  10. The professor’s habitual air of _____ was misleading front, concealing amazing reserves of

  patience and a deep commitment to his students’ learning.

  A. cordiality

  B. irascibility

  C. disorganization

  D. conviviality

  E. diffidence

  F. exasperation