5-3 Mr. Stevens found that home schooling, far from representing (i)_____ philosophy, (ii)_____ some of the most widely accepted education ideas: that children should be treated as individuals, taught in small numbers, and given a measure of discretion over their own learning.

A. a benign 

D. overcomes

B. an orthodox

E. embodies

C. an anomalous

F. anticipates

2-1 Among the Meakambut people of Papua New Guinea, legends are associated with specific caves in the Sepik region, and these legends are _____: only the cave owner can share its secrets.

A. impenetrable

B. immutable

C. proprietary

D. didactic

E. self-perpetuating

53-4 Fears that the recent sharp rise in oil prices is an indication that oil is running out appear to be (i)_____. The Middle East still contains vast oil supplies. Furthermore, even if new oil finds elsewhere have been (ii)_____ than in the past, substantial quantities of oil can be profitably stripped from tar and shale.

A. contagious

D. less frequent

B. unfounded

E. more accessible

C. sagacious

F. less publicized

33-6 With the emergence of scientific history-writing in the late nineteenth century, several authors sought to ignore the glowing myths surrounding George Washington and uncover the human being within, but their biographies were still (i)_____ enough that Washington remained a marbled and remote figure. Indeed, by the 1920s Washington has become such (ii)_____ personage that inevitably someone had to go to the other extreme and try to (iii)_____ the legend.

A. ponderous

D. a deified

G. debunk

B. empirical

E. an ignored

H. aggrandize

C. laudatory 

F. a misunderstood

I. reproduce

19-8 One of the peculiarities of humans is that we irrationally gravitate to the predictable and avoid risk, whatever the reasons for this _____, it is hardly a sound basis for dealing with complex, long-term problems.

A. eccentricity

B. predilection

C. vacillation

D. proclivity

E. wavering

F. cowardice

54-8 In their quest for kinder cutting, physicians increasingly rely on endoscopic surgery, replacing large scalpels and clamps with cameras and _____ tools that snake into the body through tiny holes.

A. flexibility

B. rigidity 

C. magnitude

D. suppleness

E. enormity

F. precision

79-3 Britain’s Queen Victoria, however (i)_____ she had been at the beginning of her reign, was politically much more (ii)_____ by the end of her time on the throne, as she resigned herself to the emergence of an increasing powerful electorate that prevented her from stubbornly insisting on getting her own way in matters of state. 

A. naïve

D. powerful

B. personable

E. arbitrary

C. obdurate

F. malleable